The Damage is Done
Review for Damage (2018) 16-A

Comic Book by DC, Jun 01 2019
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April 22, 2019

The Damage is Done

Trapped on Monster Rock, Ethan Avery is trying his best to learn to hold Damage back. Unfortunately for him and Congo Bill, they weren’t the only ones on the island. Echidna, the mother of all monsters, is on the island planning on a monster takeover of the world. Now that she has Bill and Ethan trapped, can they pull off a miracle and stop a monster apocalypse?

(Spoilers Incoming)

To keep her two adversaries at bay, Echidna has Ethan and Bill tied up, dangling over a volcano. As she leaves, declaring that monsters will rule again, Ethan unleashes Damage, dropping him directly into the lava. He crawls out, having retrieved Bill’s golden ring to control Golden Gorilla. Damage tosses him the ring and leaves the volcano to find Echidna.

He finds her and unleashes a furious barrage against her army of monsters. He quickly tears through all of them, leaving Echidna by herself. She attempts to use her magic against him, but it yields nothing. She summons even more monsters to surround Damage, but Golden Gorilla arrives to even the odds. The two of them begin tearing through the monsters with ease. When Echidna sees that her monsters don’t stand a chance, she retreats and leaves the island.

After the fight, Bill leads Ethan to a boat on the far side of the island. Bill tells him that he thinks Ethan has learned enough during his time on Monster Rock to leave and reenter the world. As Ethan sets out on the boat, Bill calls off Aquaman’s sea monster, allowing Ethan to sail off into the sunset and into a new life.

There it is. Damage is over. After debuting with so many other new heroes after Dark Nights: Metal, Damage becomes the latest to lose his solo title. It wasn’t a horrible finale, but I wish that Damage and Bill would have finished off Echidna. Now we have this story thread that’s still open. Perhaps this will contribute to the year of the villain, but I doubt it. It feels kind of like they had to quickly change the ending to finish the story to fit when DC wanted the last issue to be. Unfortunately, this may be the last we see of Damage. While not the greatest story ever told, Damage was a nice series that I don’t think got to flesh itself completely out. It was nice while it lasted.


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