Alexandria Librarian Saved
Review for Days Missing: Kestus 2-A

Comic Book by Archaia, Oct 01 2010
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January 23, 2011

Alexandria Librarian Saved

The premise of Days Missing is compelling; to fold specific days so that you can undo history. This time The Steward of humanity needs to save the Alexandrian Library or at least the scholars that dwell in its walls. Th Steward also encounters Kestus once again and we learn that even though Kestus is an immortal she can not fold time as The Steward can. Kestus must live her long life and wait for a chance encounter with The Steward.

This series is amazing and I must locate the first part of this series to see what other days have been folded so as to maintain humanity in the right path. Are there others that are trying to undo The Steward's work?


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