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Review for Master of Kung Fu (1974) 71-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Dec 01 1978
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February 24, 2014

Good Story

The Hands of Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu #71 (Dec. '78) by Doug Moench and Mike Zeck is a nice stand-alone issue showing Chi and his on again/off again lady-love Leiko Wu resting after a harrowing trip to China recently completed in the multi-issue China Seas saga. In one sequence, Chi and Leiko go to a dojo to work out, and Zeck's artwork during their sparring sequence is very well done. Doug Moench must've been a huge Fleetwood Mac fan, because when the Rumours album was released in 1977 there were numerous references to it in the MOKF series. Throughout this issue, (#71) the lyrics to "I Don't Want to Know", "The Chain" and "Gold Dust Woman" are shown in word balloons coming from the stereo speakers as Shang-Chi and Leiko listen to the album. Makes me wonder if Marvel made some sort of deal with Warner Brothers to promote the album in the pages of MOKF. :-) The lyrics in each song were always a perfect fit for the emotional baggage Chi was reliving at the time he was listening to it.

It's a shame that Marvel can't get the reprint rights to this series since Fu Manchu (Chi's father) was a central character for most of the series, because it was a well thought-out monthly series that continued from Special Marvel Edition (1971) #15 - 16 (Dec. '73 & Feb. '74) beginning with issue #17 in this series and going monthly with #19 in August '74 and ran 'til #125 in June '83.


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