No Sacrifice, No Victory
Review for Justice League (2018) 23-B

Comic Book by DC, Jul 01 2019
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May 06, 2019

No Sacrifice, No Victory

The Justice League is in the worst situation they have ever been in. With Superman trapped in a void, Batman questioning whether the League’s decisions have been right up to this point and the rest of the heroes trapped on a prison planet, there is no hope for the League to rally and fight back against the insurmountable odds crashing down on them. However, as one Leaguer compromises everything he believed in for the greater good, help arrives from the most unexpected source.

(Spoilers Incoming)

As Superman thinks back to spending time with his son, he summons all of his strength for one final attempt to fly himself out of the void, knowing that if this doesn’t work, it will kill him. He makes one final, desperate jump that shatters the planet he’s on, but it works. It’s time for the Man of Steel to return to his team and save the day. On Apokolips, the future Lois and the future Jimmy Olsen attack the League and lock them away. As they try to come up with a plan, Flash tells them to relax, because they have Batman with them. However, when they look around, the Dark Knight is nowhere to be found. In actuality, Batman is still with the World Forger. The Forger confesses that Batman is one of the best minds in the entire Multiverse, to which Batman tells him that he only stayed to gather facts and hear the Forger out. When Batman asks what his role would have to be to achieve this perfect world, the World Forger tells him that it would be his responsibility to convince the Justice League that this was the only way and become their leader. Batman asks about Superman, and the Forger reveals that Superman has been trapped in the void, but if he escapes, they will all die in the ensuing conflict. He then pulls a map up for Batman, showing him the suns surrounding Superman. Batman realizes that this is a test, and that if he moves the suns away to contain Superman, he will die.

Back on Apokolips, the League revisits if they have gone about this the wrong way, and if they should have taken the World Forger’s offer. However, they are interrupted by Kendra and J’onn’s son. He tells them that he can get them out, but it will require all of his concentration. He focuses all of his anger and unleashes enough psychic energy to rip their prison apart. Unfortunately, once they get out, they realize that he accidentally freed every single prisoner on the planet as well. As the League tries to flee from the army of super villains, they end up surrounded on all sides. As the villains close in, a ship flies to the edge of the platform and offers an escape for the League. However, the offer is coming from Sinestro, Grodd and Cheetah. When J’onn asks why they would help them, Grodd tells him, “Because time changes things.” As the heroes board the ship, the gravity of the change hits them when they realize that the pilot of the ship is none other than Darkseid himself.

With the Forger, Batman is told that he has waited long enough, and that he needs to make his decision. Batman realizes that his whole life has built to this moment, and asks if Clark’s death will be fast. The Forger tells him yes, and Batman reluctantly approaches the control panel for the suns. “I’m so sorry, Clark…There’s so much I wish I could tell you right now. So much to say…but there’s no time for anything…except goodbye.” Batman turns the controls and shuts off the suns, leaving Superman in the void to die.

Wow. When Batman said that he would have changed his decision in the past if he could, I thought he may have been playing the World Forger. In fact, part of me still thinks that he’s playing at something. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Batman just sacrificed his best friend in the world for the fate of the Multiverse. My question is if the other League members will find out, or if Batman will hide the truth from them in order to push them towards the perfect world. To me, I’m getting serious flashbacks of when Iron Man compromised the superhero community to push registration forward in Civil War. Now, Batman has become the linchpin for change in the League. However, as much of a shocking decision as this is, I can’t say I’m surprised. Batman has always fought for a better world where crime was eliminated. Now, after so long at war, there is finally a chance for peace, so I can’t say I’m shocked that Batman did what he did. Had this been on a smaller scale, there would have been no way that Batman exile Superman in the void to die. However, this is existence itself on the line. Batman made the impossible choice to ensure the future could thrive. I just hope he isn’t made to regret that choice.


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