The Origin of Doom
Review for Justice League (2018) 22-A

Comic Book by DC, Jun 01 2019
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April 22, 2019

The Origin of Doom

The Justice League is trapped in the sixth dimension. After finding what they thought was a dream world, the heroes found themselves facing the decision to save the Multiverse only if they stripped away the right to choose from every being in the Multiverse. After refusing, the heroes were banished to Apokolips by the World Forger. Unfortunately, they may never get the chance to get home, because on Earth, the course of everything has changed forever.

(Spoilers Incoming)

As Mera and Starman try to come up with an idea to contain Mxyzptlyk, the Legion of Doom arrives to stop the imp. As Lex Luthor puts it, “It’s the maxim of doom to fight fire with fire. So how do you fight a fifth-dimensional imp? You catch your own.” Lex opens the box he’s holding, unleashing Bat-Mite against Mxyzptlyk. At the same time in the Legion’s fortress, the impossible has happened: Perpetua has fully awoken. As she moves through the lair, she remembers everything that has led to this point. Twenty billion years ago, she created three sons: the World Forger, the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor. Each had their own specific role to play in order to make sure the Multiverse worked smoothly. Five billion years later, the sons have all settled into their roles. As the World Forger and his new pet, Barbatos, continue to make new worlds, the Monitor finds something that his brother never created. Whatever it is, he traced its origins to the planet Earth.

Once there, he found his mother, Perpetua, watching a new species at war with itself. She tells him that she took beings from Earth and beings from Mars and created a hybrid of the two, capable of taking whatever they wanted. The monitor then asks why she would need creatures so vicious, and that he needs to admit something. He tells her that he peered beyond their Multiverse and found no other beings like her, despite her saying that she only created their Multiverse. This has led him to theorize that she has overstayed her welcome, and that her purpose has been completed. He tells her that he believes a cosmic judgment is coming for them, to which she orders her new species to attack him. He retreats, and two hundred thousand years later, meets with his brothers to discuss what to do next.

The Monitor has called them together with his cosmic tuning fork and hopes to use the tuning fork to reach out to the Judges of the Source to inform them of Perpetua’s actions. However, before they can reach the judges, Perpetua arrives with her army. As the brothers begin to fight off the army, one of the judges appears in the form of a raptor and condemns Perpetua to be trapped in the newly forged Source Wall. The brothers soon realize that this Source Wall will keep them from seeing beyond its bounds and into other Multiverses, making the job of the Anti-Monitor pointless. As the World Forger returns to his forge, the Anti-Monitor vows revenge on his brother. He tells him, “You will pay for this, Mar Novu. I will strike down infinite worlds just to crush your neck in my hands.” In the present, Perpetua watches as the Legion of Doom takes action. She vows to show them the way and states, “And so it begins…”

Now we know the history of the Multiverse. I loved this issue simply because of all the little Easter eggs slipped in by the writer. Not only did we see when Barbatos came into being before he forged the Dark Multiverse to prepare for the events of Dark Nights: Metal, we get to see exactly why the Anti-Monitor was so dead set on killing worlds, kicking off Crisis on Infinite Earths. More important than all of that, however, we saw exactly what Perpetua was doing at the beginning of the Multiverse and how the Source Wall was formed. Now with these pieces of the puzzle in place, it’s time for Perpetua to make her move and point the Multiverse towards Doom.


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