Early Charlie Adlard is always good stuff
Review for Nobody 1-B

Graphic Novel / Trade by AiT/PlanetLar, May 01 2002
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June 30, 2008

Early Charlie Adlard is always good stuff

This is a collection of Alex Amado and Sharon Cho's story of the most recent Nobody, seemingly a member of God's army against the Devil (although it's never terribly clear that is who she is). The two big reasons I picked up this trade were 1) it was originally an Oni mini-series that I've never heard of or seen collected by AIT/PlanetLar and 2) it has Charlie Adlard on art. The four issues make for a quick and sometimes disturbing read as Nobody tracks down a child killer after breaking up a demonic sacrifice (yeah, I know what I just wrote, it's still interesting). Adlard does a great job in the art. It tells the story wonderfully and everyone looks like regular folk. There's also a 17 page prose story in the back. Not a bad package at all for $13.


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