Unknown Heroes
Review for Thunderbolts (1997) 143-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jun 01 2010
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May 03, 2010

Unknown Heroes

It is really too bad that the best SIEGE spin-off book is one that received the least hype. Thunderbolts has been a great read throughout SIEGE. It was equal parts action, drama and heroes.

Not many T-Bolt fans were happy when the new team line-up was announced. Nuke, Grizzly, Ant Man...it was just a mess. And every time Marvel seemed to be fixing this line-up, they actually just sunk it a little deeper. Lets face it, for the Thunderbolts to be successful, they need a quality line-up. Well, in unusual fashion, the writers managed to disband this weak cast of characters in a very efficient and dramatic fashion.

The battle for Odin's spear rages on behind the front line scenes during the SIEGE of Asgard. Divided, the Thunderbolts and the Mighty Avengers wage war, trying to possess the greatest weapon ever known. Both Paladin and Ant Man realize that this weapon can never end up in Osborn's hands.

When all is said and done, this suspect Thunderbolt team is no more and we are left with Luke Cage accepting the torch.

It was an excellent arc, which was well presented and very well wrapped up. I look forward to the new line-up. This could be the best upcoming series that nobody is talking about.


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