Triumph out of Tragedy!
Review for Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy nn-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by DC, Jan 01 2007
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July 05, 2010

Triumph out of Tragedy!

There are very few books in general and graphic novels in particular that I would give five out of five in all aspects. The Trade paperback under consideration merits the five stars, not only because the art and story go beyond the norm, but because Joe Kubert has tackle a very sensitive historical catastrophe with the sensitivity required. We are talking of the atrocities of World War II as perpetrated by the Nazi regime and the inhumanity of war by all sides. Joe Kubert is a master story teller for he tells a story not only in words but in the artistic choices he makes. All the creative action resides on his shoulders, for he is the rare writer/artist that still shines in the comic industry.

The Easy Company is facing not only the Nazi soldiers but also the Russian army as they move to secure a very special package safely out of harms way. As they perform their duty they are confronted with the tragedies of war giving them the resolve to end their mission the only way they know how: successfully.

Titles such as Sgt Rock: The Prophecy gives me hope that DC can make worthwhile contribution to the graphic novel as literature. Let’s hope Marvel can also do the same once in a while.


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