Good Starting Point
Review for Green Hornet: Year One 7-B

Comic Book by Dynamite Entertainment, Jan 01 2010
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December 25, 2010

Good Starting Point

This is the beginning of a new story arc and Matt Wagner shows that he can definitely deal with mobster stories like a pro. The last scene is great in that it illustrates how the green Hornet strategy of divide and conquer actually works. The mobsters clean up the city by eliminating themselves. This is the central theme in the Green Hornet as he and Kato take over neighborhood by neighborhood and displace the mob block by block.

I am not a fan of Aaron Campbell’s pencil and ink work. I find it tiring at times, but it does complement the mood that is required for this comic and it’s a different approach to the Green Hornet other titles.

This is a good entry point for new comers as it draws you right into the typical Green Hornet action and you can decide if this comic is worth your time and money quickly enough.


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