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Review for Batman: Battle for the Cowl 2-A

Comic Book by DC, Jun 01 2009
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April 19, 2009

Excellent Read

If you are not reading Battle for the Cowl you should be smacked. This is turning into one of my favorite mini series. Issue 2 is just well written and the art is just top notch.

Taking matters into his own hands Tim Drake steps up and wears the cowl to take down Jason Todd who has taken up the identity of Batman with his own brutally violent take on the type of Batman that Gotham needs. This is a slug fest with extreme ramifications and numerous questions left up in the air as the showdown between Todd and Drake (remember the beating he gave Drake in the pages of Teen Titans) leaves one of them with a something sharp stuck some place it should not be.

This has it all. Random gun play, fast action, a deranged Batman wanna be and the adopted son trying to be the man his father would want him to be. All wrapped up with a cliffhanger ending! Hold on to your utility belts friends we are in for one hell of an ending.


DC boasts "a biggie" come June... what do you think?

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