A Solid Beginning
Review for Mindfield 0-D

Comic Book by Aspen, Apr 01 2010
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October 23, 2010

A Solid Beginning

Mindfield has so much potential that I’m sure this series will prove itself worthy in the comic-book marketplace. I’m a late comer to this series. I saw it on the counter of my LCS for several months before I decided that it was time to take the plunge and like every thing else, I got all four issues at once.

What sold me was the premise of using mind readers as espionage agents to thwart potential terrorist before they do their acts of terror. The timing of a comic series using such a premise is interesting since it is happening almost seven years after the biggest terrorist act to happen in USA soil, but also attest to the reality that terrorism and the fight against it are part of our lives for this generation and the next.

Mindfield #0 is worthy to single out for several reasons: first, it delivers twelve pages of comic material with another six pages of character sketches and background information of key characters and state of espionage; so, almost twenty pages of enjoyment for $2.50.

J.T. Krul and Alex Konat have done their homework and shown that their concept is not half baked, but a fully realized story that will evolve and contribute to what is the greater comic universe that provides imaginative stories that satisfy both the left and right sides of our brains.


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