"The Social Network" meets Supergirl!
Review for Supergirl (2005) 60-A

Comic Book by DC, Mar 01 2011
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April 04, 2011

"The Social Network" meets Supergirl!

Nick Spencer is the man behind "Morning Glories," a great series that makes good use of every page to give a more densely packed story. The Anti-Fraction, if you will. This issue juggles three plotlines, to the point where halfway through, each page starts to have its panels divided between all three plotlines! But the story even so is not confused: this is just what readers want - ONE COMIC, ONE ENTERTAINING STORY! Yes it's part of an arc, but at least it is fun in its own right. Lois learning Cadmus is experimenting on Kryptonian DNA, Alex creating a Four Square-like phone app that lets people track superheroes, and Supergirl's defense against several supervillains summoned by the app - all these plots work together and Spencer even allows narration from the villain to bleed over into panels from the other plotlines without muddling things. Here is how to tell a story, and here's hoping they lock Spencer into writing for one of the Big Two more permanently.


Nice review. I had no idea this was going on in Supergirl!
He takes over New Mutants after the Age of X deal

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