Immortal Hulk #26 Review: Green is his business...and business is good.
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Comic Book by Marvel, Jan 01 2020
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November 07, 2019

Immortal Hulk #26 Review: Green is his business...and business is good.

Al Ewing's Immortal Hulk continues to be not just one of Marvel's best titles in recent years but also one of the best titles on the stands today.


Continuing from the events of the galaxy-shattering revelations from the last several issues, Bruce Banner is publicly declaring his call for revolution against the human race now that he's liberated and "borrowed" the assets of Shadow Base, his new base of operations. Tired of humanity's vicious cycle of manufacturing and profiteering from disasters of their own making, Bruce has warned that the Hulk (as a blunt instrument) will now be targeting anyone who's corporate interests are not in Earth's best interests...and it looks like the ROXXON Corporation will be the first in his crosshairs. It's a dangerous new world and only the Immortal Hulk can put it right.

This issue is a look inside Bruce's thought process in regards to his plan to save humanity by essentially flattening it. Not only has Al Ewing created an amazing yarn with this new aspect of Bruce's return to the land of the living, but he's surrounded the Hulk with an amazing supporting cast and cameo guest stars from the Marvel Universe who work into the story like a puzzle piece. Joe Bennett has become one of my favorite Hulk artists and draws a Hulk that looks like a raging beast in one panel and a cunning thinker that's two steps ahead of the reader the next. Combine this with the Alex Ross covers and I don't see any reason why you are not reading this title unless you just don't like the Hulk...and there's not much redeemable quality about this particular incarnation...but the line Al Ewing has written between good and evil is so fine and blurred at this point that you can't look away. It's a look inside the mind of a broken man with the powers of a God and his acceptance of his place in a world that fears and doesn't understand all the pieces that make him what he is. It's one part super-hero comic, two parts horror with a sprinkle of science fiction thrown in and that makes IMMORTAL HULK #26 a fantastic read.

Do yourself a favor: if you're not reading IMMORTAL HULK, you should be. Start from issue #1 and get on board. You can learn more about IMMORTAL HULK and many other Marvel titles on Comic Collector Live, your number one resource for the comics you love to read and collect!



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