A-1 Comics

Comic Book by Magazine Enterprises
(139 issues, 139 covers) - JAN 1944 to SEP 1955
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Jan 1944
Sep 1955

Title Bio

The A-1 logo is only on the cover of issues #1-17.

The first two issues are not numbered. The Kerry Drake no numbered issue seems to be the first issue of this A-1 series as the other no numbered issue appears to match the format of issues #3-10 on the cover.

Issues #11 through 139 are dual named and numbered in the indicia, but have one name on the cover. Indicia example: A-1 No. 15 (TEENA No.3).

Title Data

Title:A-1 Comics
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Magazine Enterprises
Caption:Magazine Enterprises 1944 - 1955 (139 Issues)

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