Meet Merton

Comic Book by Toby Press Inc.
(7 issues, 7 covers) - DEC 1953 to JUN 1954
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Dec 1953
Jun 1954

Title Bio

The adventures of Merton Muddle, a teenager whose interests are in cars, boats, and flying machines, and in staying clear of the battle for his affections between rivals Jo Anne Sweet and Marcia Thorndike.

Published bi-monthly by Toby Press, the title's prime feature was written and drawn by Dave Berg, who also wrote and drew the Pat 'n' Mike feature in issue #4. Also featured in each were the one-panel humorous cartoons of Mel Lazarus, and the occasional appearance of the feature Peggy Dean, written by Charles Verral, drawn by Jack Sparling.

Reprinted by I.W. Publishing in Super Comics #'s 9, 11, & 18.

Title Data

Title:Meet Merton
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Toby Press Inc.
Caption:Toby / I.W / Super 1953 - 1954, 1963 (7 Issues)

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