Strange Adventures (1950)

Comic Book by DC
(244 issues, 244 covers) - AUG 1950 to NOV 1973
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Aug 1950
Nov 1973

Title Bio

Science-Fiction anthology series lasting for 244 issues from August 1950 thru November 1973.

Consisting of primarily self-contained stories, the majority of the series featured original material, however from issue 217 on the title featured reprints from Mystery in Space (1951) and earlier Strange Adventures stories.

The title featured recurring appearances from several different characters including Captain Comet, The Atomic Knights, Chris KL-99, Star Hawkins, The Space Museum, The Star Rovers, Immortal Man, Animal Man, The Enchantress, Deadman, and Adam Strange.

Title Data

Title:Strange Adventures (1950)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:DC
Caption:DC 1950 - 1973 (244 Issues)

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