Silver Streak Comics (1939)

Comic Book by Lev Gleason Productions
(23 issues, 23 covers) - DEC 1939 to FEB 1946
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Dec 1939
Feb 1946

Title Bio

This title holds the honor of being the first comic with a metallic logo. The title changes to Crime Does Not Pay as of issue #22, but returned for two additional issues, a non-numbered issue and #23, an Atomic Comic, which contained reprints. The title was an anthology book, with the lead feature carrying the Silver Streak. The book was also the home of Dickie Dean the Boy Inventor, Captain Battle, Sky Wolf, Daredevil, the Saint, and Basil Wolverton's character Scoop Scuttle.

There is an issue #24 which is the second issue of the Next Issue Project, a concept spearheaded by Erik Larsen, utilizing public domain characters, and producing new content with modern-day sensibility, often humorous in nature. The specific issues are titled and numbered to be an continuation of some long-dead Golden Age title. Larsen gathers an eclectic group of creators for each one-shot issue.

Title Data

Title:Silver Streak Comics (1939)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Lev Gleason Productions
Caption:Lev Gleason Productions 1939 - 1946 (23 Issues) [Continues as Crime Does Not Pay as of issue #22, returns for 2 issues in 1946]

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