Marvel Graphic Novel: The Shadow

Graphic Novel / Trade by Marvel
(1 issues, 1 covers) - JAN 1988
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Jan 1988

Title Bio

"The Shadow, 1941: Hitler's Astrologer"

World War II is in its birth stage. Nazi Germany has crushed its neighbors, and is in an uneasy standoff with Russia, with America vowing neutrality. There are opposing camps within Hitler's advisers, including Astrologers who read the heavens for signs of the right path for Nazi ascendancy. These camps wage a fierce covert battle to win influence over Hitler's planning: should Germany's next focus be on England...or Russia? The Shadow reads the evil in the hearts of men and pulls the strings that will move destiny!

An unnumbered part of the Marvel Graphic Novel series. Chronologically it is #33, but it is listed as #35 according to Overstreet.

Title Data

Title:Marvel Graphic Novel: The Shadow
Type:Graphic Novel / Trade
Key Pub.:Marvel
Caption:Marvel 1988 (1 Volume)

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