King James Starring LeBron James

Comic Book by DC
(1 issues, 10 covers) - AUG 2004
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Aug 2004

Title Bio

*In "King James," LeBron must call on his considerable skills and determination as he competes in an underground tournament controlled by a mysterious, secret organization. LeBron confronts and defeats a series of colorful court challengers in exotic locales on his way to being crowned the King of Basketball.

"I've always enjoyed reading comics, so helping to create a comic of my own is really cool," said James. "I mean ripped muscles, impossible moves, scoring at will, and beating the 'bad guys' - who wouldn't want to be a heroic basketball player in a comic book?"

The "King James" comic book was written by Gary Phillips, penciled by Damion Scott and inked by Sandra Hope. To add to the excitement of the "King James" comic launch, ten different cover designs for the comic have been created by some of the comic industry's best artists (Damion Scott, James Jean, Udon, John VanFleet, Jock, and Ariel Olivetti), including:

Four covers available only by mail-in redemption.

Four covers available only at Kroger Stores.

One cover available only at military commissaries.

One general market cover available at retail and via mail-in redemption.

*Source: Official Press Release

Title Data

Title:King James Starring LeBron James
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:DC
Caption:DC 2004 (1 Issue)



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