Magic the Gathering: Shadowmoor (Base Set)

CCG / Gaming Card by Wizards of the Coast
(283 issues, 283 covers) - JAN 2007 to JAN 2008
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Jan 2007
Jan 2008

Title Bio

The Shadowmoor Expansion is made up of 301 cards based out by rarity in this order: 80 rare, 80 uncommon, 121 common and 20 basic lands.

This set plays on a level identical to the Lorwyn expansion, but due to an event called the 'Aurora', some of the creatures and characters are corrupt and twisted versions.

Shadowmoor is one of the few sets not released in the month of October by WOTC. It is also part of the Lorwyn block.

Note: The Shadowmoor set contains some reprinted cards from other expansions.

Title Data

Title:Magic the Gathering: Shadowmoor (Base Set)
Type:CCG / Gaming Card
Key Pub.:Wizards of the Coast
Caption:Wizards of the Coast 2008 (301 Cards)

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