Target Comics (1941)

Comic Book by Novelty Press
(12 issues, 12 covers) - MAR 1941 to FEB 1942
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Mar 1941
Feb 1942

Title Bio

Novelty Press published Target Comics in volumes, usually 12 monthly issues to a volume (exceptions to this were in volume 5, which had 8 issues, and volume 6, which had 10. The title ended after volume 10 #3.

Target Comics was the regular home of features Target and the Targeteers, The Cadet with Kit Carter, Dan'l Flannel, Spec, Spot and Sis, Al T. Tude, Bull's Eye Bill, and Pete Stockbridge, the Chameleon.

This was volume 2 of the series.

Title Data

Title:Target Comics (1941)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Novelty Press
Caption:Novelty Press 1941 - 1942 (12 Issues) [Continued from Target Comics (1940) / Continued as Target Comics (1942)]

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