Blackest Night (Series 6)

Action Figure by DC Direct
(4 issues, 4 covers) - JAN 2010
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Black Lantern Hawkgirl
Jan 2010
Star Sapphire Wonder Woman
Jan 2010

Title Bio

*The hugely successful Blackest Night action figure line continues with four awesome new characters!

Included in this sixth installment of the series are Hal Jordan, the personification of the Green Lantern Corps; Wonder Woman, who finds the power of love and joins the ranks of the Star Sapphires; Hawkgirl, who was one of the first heroes to lose her life to the dark power of the Black Lanterns; and The Flash, who couples the power of the blue ring with his trademark speed to carry the message of hope to all.

All four figures feature multiple points of articulation and include a display base. Character-appropriate accessories are also included. *Source:

Title Data

Title:Blackest Night (Series 6)
Type:Action Figure
Key Pub.:DC Direct
Caption:DC Direct 2010 (4 Figures)