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(7 issues, 8 covers) - APR 1993 to OCT 1993
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Apr 1993
Oct 1993

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*Master scribe, Alan Moore, along with his former Swamp Thing artists Steve Bissette and Rick Veitch, create a Silver Age history for a universe and comic line that wasn't created until well into the Modern Age.

With heavy homage to the birth of the Marvel super-heroes, Alan Moore and Jim Valentino's Shadowline imprint created a mini-series that both parodied and honored the Silver Age but also developed a rich back story for the entire Image universe. The creative teams also made up parody ads, Stan's Soapbox style editors pages, Editor's footnotes to imaginary previous issues and even fake letter pages for each issue.

Each issue of 1963 presented a different Silver Age character or title, but there was a unified story throughout the mini-series that was to culminate in an 80-page annual, fully linking the 1963 characters to the 1993 Image universe. Each issue teased more information about the annual (#1 announced there would be an annual starring all the 1963 characters, #2 announced the villains as Savage Dragon, ShadowHawk, Spawn, Supreme, WildC.A.T.s and Youngblood, #3 announced that it would be drawn by Jim Lee...). Sadly, the annual goes down as one of the great incomplete and unpublished works. For Steve Bissette's detailed take on the annual, see the following article at ComicBookResources.com - http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=26975 *Source: SwiftMann

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Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Image
Caption:Image / Shadowline 1993 (7 Issues)


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