National Comics (1940)

Comic Book by Quality
(75 issues, 75 covers) - JUL 1940 to DEC 1949
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Jul 1940
Dec 1949

Title Bio

An anthology series published by Quality comics from July 1940 through December 1949.
The title was the home to several different characters over the course of the series, the series started out featuring Uncle Sam for the first 45 issues however with issue 42 the character the Barker was introduced and quickly took over as the featured character of the title.

The only character from this title besides Uncle Sam that saw print after the characters were bought by DC Comics was Quicksiver (who when he returned in modern times, now goes by the name Max Mercury.)

The series initially featured primarily adventure/ super hero type stories, however with the waning popularity of these titles more humorous stories were used.

The series featured among others these characters:
Uncle Sam #1-45
The Kid Patrol #1-35
Merlin the Magician #1-26
Wonder Boy #1-26
Pen Miller #1-22
Prop Power #1-26
Kid Dixon #1-32
Sally O'Neil Policewoman #1-75
Paul Bunyan #1-22
Windy Breeze #1-60
Quicksilver (who is better known these days as Max Mercury) #5-73
Miss Winky #10-29
Cyclone Cupid #13-37
The Unknown #23-41
Destroyer 171 #24-52
Salty Waters #24-52
G-2 #27-46
The Barker #42-75
Intellectual Amos #46-61
& The Whistler #48-54.

Title Data

Title:National Comics (1940)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Quality
Caption:Quality 1940 - 1949 (75 Issues)

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