Young Men

Comic Book by Atlas
(25 issues, 26 covers) - JUN 1950 to JUN 1954
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Jun 1950
Jun 1954

Title Bio

Continues from Cowboy Romances #3 and concludes with issue #28, June 1954. Young Men started as a bi-monthly men's adventure anthology, featuring stories themed around the popular genres of the time: crime, war, westerns, boxing and aviation. By issue #12, the war-themed stories had pushed the others out, and this continued through issue #20. Stories with hot rods, boxing and the supernatural started to re-enter the book. As of issue #24, however, super-heroes would enter and take over the book, with regular features containing the Human Torch and Toro, Captain America, and Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Title Data

Title:Young Men
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Atlas
Caption:Atlas 1950 - 1954 (25 Issues)

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