Walking Dead (Autograph Subset)

Trading Card by Cryptozoic Entertainment
(16 issues, 16 covers) - JAN 2011
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Jan 2011
Jan 2011

Title Bio

Autograph cards from THE WALKING DEAD Trading Card set came at a ratio of 1:24 packs (1 per box) and featured autographs by 8 different actors from the TV show:

Jon Bernthal (Shane)
Emma Bell (Amy)
IronE Singleton (T-Dawg)
Norman Reedus (Daryl)
Steven Yeun (Glenn)
Chandler Riggs (Carl)
Lennie James (Morgan)
Michael Rooker (Merle)

Collector's Note: Each actor has 2 different style autograph cards for a total of 16 autograph cards in the subset.

Title Data

Title:Walking Dead (Autograph Subset)
Type:Trading Card
Key Pub.:Cryptozoic Entertainment
Caption:Cryptozoic Entertainment 2011 (16 Cards)

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