Mystic Arcana

Comic Book by Marvel
(4 issues, 4 covers) - AUG 2007 to JAN 2008
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Aug 2007
Jan 2008

Title Bio

*Part one of a magic event that spans across the ages. Ian McNee wanted to be the Sorcerer Supreme but was bested by Stephen Strange (Marvel Fanfare #6). Now a collector of magical and bizarre artifacts in the lower east side of New York, he's on a dangerous quest for four items that he thinks will keep a crazed Ancient Egyptian Priest from resurrection. *Source:

While the covers of these issues are numbered as one-shots, the indicia correctly number them as part of the same series.

Title Data

Title:Mystic Arcana
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Marvel
Caption:Marvel 2007 - 2008 (4 Issues)


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