Blue Bolt Weird Tales of Terror

Comic Book by Star Publications
(9 issues, 9 covers) - NOV 1951 to JUN 1953
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Nov 1951
Jun 1953

Title Bio

Blue Bolt, originally published by Novelty for 101 issues in 10 volumes, was then published by Star as Blue Bolt Comics, continuing with the global numbering of the Novelty title, starting with issue # 102 - 110. Star then attempted to capitalize on shifting tastes, and re-titled the publication as Blue Bolt Weird Tales of Terror, again continuing with the original numbers, starting with issue # 111 (Nov 1951), continuing 9 issues until issue #119 (June 1953).

Title Data

Title:Blue Bolt Weird Tales of Terror
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Star Publications
Caption:Star Publications 1951 - 1953 (9 Issues)


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