Judge Dredd (1987) (UK)

Comic Book by Quality Comics
(16 issues, 16 covers) - MAY 1987 to SEP 1988
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May 1987
Sep 1988

Title Bio

From 1987 to 1988, Quality Comics published two versions of each issue, a U.S. edition and a U.K. edition. The covers and contents were sometimes different (these differences are noted in the individual issue bios). Some of the editions can be identified by a notation made in small type at the top of the spine of the first or last page.

Quality Comics eventually got the issue count back in sync, via the dual numbered U.S. editions and going forward published only one edition of each issue, which can be found under the standard title.

U.K. editions of Judge Dredd were published for #8-24. There is a question as to whether there was ever a separate U.K. and U.S. edition for issue #14 and as such has currently been omitted from the U.K. series. The U.S. editions continued through to #61 with two dual numbered issues (21/22 & 23/24).

Title Data

Title:Judge Dredd (1987) (UK)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Quality Comics
Caption:Quality Comics / S.Q.P. 1987 - 1988 (16 Issues)

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