Ash (Promo)

Trading Card By Dynamic Forces
8 Issues, 0 Variants

1-A | Jan 1997
8-A | Jan 1997


Title:Ash (Promo)
Type:Trading Card
Key Pub.:Dynamic Forces
Caption:Dynamic Forces / Event Comics 1997 (8 Cards)

About Ash (Promo)

*This summer just got hotter! July ushers the release of the inaugural ASH Trading Cards! 90 full color 24pt cards by some of the hottest artists in comics today! 9 Chromium chase cards with a special 10th super chase edition, signed by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti! Plus an extra bonus-signed cards in random packs! 8 cards per pack - SRP $1.99 per pack *Source: Back of cards

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