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Monday, September 18, 2023 6:42:59 AM
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NFC EAST QBs after Week 2

Sam Howell:
501 Yards
3 Passing TDs
1 Interception
1 Rushing TD
1 Fumble

Dak Prescott:
398 Yards
2 TDs

Jalen Hurts:
363 Yards
2 TD
1 Fumble

Daniel Jones:
425 Yards
2 TDs
3 INTs

It's not a picture of Sam but it's still rather iconic.

Russel Wilson as the filling on the first Chase/Sweat sandwich of the year.

Love the Junkies having to backtrack this morning and jump on the Samwagon!!!! Some quotes I didn't expect coming out of their mouths this morning!!! Big Grin "Most complete team he can remember!" Feels like just last week they were making headlines announcing Sam wouldn't be the starter for game 1 next year!! Someone even called them out on the air for how Sam should have gotten the start last year when Wentz got hurt and we might have had a chance at 11 wins. Applause I've been saying the exact same thing for almost a year now. Kiss

"He's just a 5th rounder!!!" Rolling on the Floor
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Tuesday, September 19, 2023 11:11:20 AM
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Sam Howell is:

- 10th in passing yards (501)
- 11th in passing touchdowns (3)
- 6th in completion percentage among QBs with at least 70 pass attempts (65.7%)

It's nice to see people starting to jump on the SAMWAGON!!!! After they beat the Bills this weekend I expect the national press to be jumping over themselves to get seats. Party
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Sunday, September 24, 2023 1:11:36 PM
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Here we go, around 92% of the national responders say we're going to lose this one. Rain I'm thinking we win 28-24 if the rain and wind hold off for most of the game. Defense needs to play a complete game for the first time this year.

1st quarter

misty mixed with drizzle

Defense starts
Great play, great play, give up the qb run for the 1st, great play, good play, what was that???, another 1st, incomplete, great play, 3rd and long again pressure throws it away, field goal coming (9 plays, 7 the defense looked great, 1 was a Superman type effort from Allen.)

3-0 Bills

1st possession
starting at the 27
1st and 10- run for 7
2nd and 3- complete for a 1st
1st and 10- run for 5
2nd and 5- complete for 10 more to Terry
1st and 10- deep completion to the te for 20 more
1st and 10 at the 25- sack
2nd and 18- another sack
3rd and 19- intercepted!!!!
3 bad plays in a row in field goal range. Not good.

Defense starts at the 16
defense holds!!! Punting into the endzone

2nd possession, time for Sam to shake off the last 3 plays stink!!!!
1st and 10- run for 1
2nd and 9- incomplete
3rd and 9- sack!!!
punting big return plus penalty

Defense starts at their own 35
1 play, touchdown!!!
10-0 Bills here we go spotting another team the lead!!!

3rd possession
1st and 10- BIG THROW for 37 yards!!!
1st and 10-
No clue what happened, store filled with teenagers with no money
Front door now locked with the knock for service sign
4th and goal- incomplete

Defense starts at the 2
New customer with son
13-0 Bills

4th possession
starting at the 25 1:55 to go
1st and 10- complete for
2nd and - complete for
3rd- intercepted!!!

16-0 Bills

5th possession 19 seconds to go
run for 10


I don't have a complete picture yet but it looks like the defense cannot stop anyone on 3rd down. Flavor of last years stink again.
It appears 2 long offensive drives came up with nothing, a couple others were self destructions.

Seems like a doable comeback since it doesn't feel like they were outplayed badly if some adjustments are made at half.

3rd quarter
6th possession starts at the 17
1st and 10- run for 4
2nd and 6- incomplete
3rd and 6- flag- 5 yds and 1st
1st and 10- complete for 1
2nd and 9- run
3rd and 5- complete for a 1st
1st and 10- complete for 6
2nd and 4- big run, 24 yards
1st and 10 at the 29- run for a 1st
1st and 10 at the 17- run for 2
2nd and 8- intercepted again!!!
Hit as he was throwing so the ball didn't look like it had any zip on it. Bad day for Sam.

Defense starts at the 1 and immediately gives up a 30 yard pass.
D Line appears to be waking up.
Interception by Fuller who looks hurt!

7th possession starts at the 18
1st and 10- run
2nd and 4- run for a 1st
1st and 10- sack
2nd and 10- sack
3rd and 17- flags- 5 yds
3rd and 21- complete for a loss
punting to 32

4th quarter
defense holds on 4th and 1

8th possession
1st and 10- Gibson fumbles!!!

Defense gives up the TD
23-0 Bills

9th possession
1st and 10- complete
2nd and 5- deflected incomplete
3rd and 5- intercepted for a pick 6!!!!
Sam looked really bad making that choice!!!!

30-0 Bills

10th possession
1st and 10- complete
2nd and 6- sack
3rd and 12- sack

Defense gives up another TD

37-0 Bills

11th possession
1st and 10- complete for a 1st
2 minute warning
incomplete but the wrong call, can't be challenged
overtuned to complete
sack again
field goal attempt


37-3 !!!!!
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Sunday, September 24, 2023 3:29:43 PM
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WE WANT HEINICKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, September 24, 2023 4:13:01 PM
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Let's see if we can figure out anything from today.

1st possession - looked good until he took his 1st sack and fell apart after that. Took points off the board

2nd possession- 3 and out

3rd possession- No clue yet until I see the replay but apparently drove the field again to come up short on 4th and goal

4th possession- 2 minute drill, 2 completions and and INT

5th possession- nothing to talk about with no time.

6th possession - looking good until he gets hit and throws another int in scoring range

7th possession fizzled with a couple sacks

Here we are in a two score game still at the start of the 4th quarter.

8th possession- Gibson kills them with the fumble (You can't blame that one on Sam)

9th possession- really stupid looking choice to try and throw over a 6'6" defender when you could have kept running.

10th possession- looks desperate sitting in a collapsing pocket waiting for a miracle and settling for sacks

11th possession- nice looking drive for a field goal

They keep saying he doesn't make the same mistake twice but he sure figured out a way to get a whole bunch of 1st times into one outing. Lots of coachable moments here. I also get the feeling we're once again trying to be too pass heavy.

Looks like it's going to be a REALLY BAD time to be an Eagle fan next week when the team bounces back from this. There needs to be some question about why the D gave up so many 3rd downs all of a sudden. They still felt in it until the 4th quarter offensive meltdown. 8th and 9th offensive possessions really killed it. It feels more like a self inflicted loss that could have gone the other way easily if the d could hold up on 3rd downs and the offense went more run heavy to take some pressure off Sam.

2-1 to start the year still isn't bad if they can bounce back to form next week. Run the ball more. BRob went over 50 yards again!!!!!! Give us a little more of the Heiny type ground and pound type game plan while Sam is learning.

Let's see, the flavor of the boards so far are saying mostly the same things they've been saying all year.
Our tackles suck, especially the RT. He's sucked 3 games in a row!!! Coaches need to do something about it now!!!!

The offensive line isn't capable of holding up so design more rolling pockets for Sam to move in and more running plays to get the ball out his hands. At this point it really seems like a coaching failure to identify and correct for. Wylie needs to be replaced or moved to guard. He's really bad.

Apparently, our free agent linebacker has now sucked 3 weeks in a row. Every year the DC is slow to pull the trigger and make the adjustments needed.

Gibson, we try really hard to like you but you put the ball on the ground again pretty much killing any hope of coming back in the 4th. It may be time for more CRod to pair with our BRob.

At this point it feels like more of a coaching fault to not have plays designed to get the ball out faster or to move the pocket with a chance to run. Last year it was horrible predictable, run on 1st, run on 2nd, now it feels like it's pass all the time. Robinson averaged 7 yards a carry the 10 times you let him run. Gibson was even better averaging 8.5 yds each on his 2 runs. Meanwhile 30 pass attempts with no screens, no moving pocket, just letting the d t off like it's 3rd and long on every snap. Time Out

The Bills pressured Sam Howell on 27 of 39 dropbacks (69.2%), the 2nd-highest pressure rate in a game in the NGS era.

Seven different Bills defenders generated 4+ pressures, led by Ed Oliver (7).

The more I look at the film and the possession I missed, the more it looks like a game of missed opportunities. You don't get much more wide open in the end zone than that.
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Wednesday, September 27, 2023 6:30:29 PM
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“We’ve got to give him the opportunity to grow. Keeping him on the field and having him play is probably the best opportunity for him to grow.” Rivera made it clear the coaches sincerely believe Howell is going to be better in the end through playing.

It's a shame you couldn't get that thought in your head LAST YEAR!!!!! All those games wasted he could have been handing the ball off and getting his learn on. Shame on You

“We’ve got to help him (Howell).”

There's another thought that may have been more useful to have at HALF TIME LAST SUNDAY!!!

If we could have just lost that game against the Bears and had 5 loses in a row so Dan would have had to fire you LAST YEAR!!!! The game that bit us in the arse by keeping Ron in charge.

I really hope they have a less embarrassing game plan in mind this week before they get Sam killed.
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Sunday, October 01, 2023 1:14:12 PM
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No matter what happens today, the happy thought is Sam has already won 2 more of his first 15 starts than Troy Aikman!!!!! One more and he'll pass Peyton Mannings 3-13 start. Big Grin

We're also not going to make the mistake of wearing the Heiney jersey again today like last week!!! Back to original Redskins gear!! We don't want to jinx this again.

They activated RB Gore from the PS today so we may be in for some ground and pound today instead of the pass happy affair we've been getting this year. Heavy traffic so far today but hopefully it'll slow some until after the game.

Antennae broadcast now so I expect to miss some things as half the screen fills with a black channel guide every time the signal blinks.

1st quarter

Skins get the ball to begin at the 25
1st down Sam under center, run for 1
2nd- shotgun pass to Terry for a 1st
1st down- shotgun- another great catch by Terry!
1st down- shotgun- run for 6
2nd down- shotgun- another 1st to Samuel
1st down- shotgun- incomplete
2nd down- shotgun- Sam runs for 4
3rd- shotgun- screen to the 15
4th and 1- under center - run for a 1st
1st down at the 14- shotgun- run to the 10
2nd down- shotgun- incomplete
3rd and 6- shotgun- false start on LT
3rd and 11- shotgun- Sam runs flag on play, holding defense, 1st down
1st and goal at the 5- shotgun- run to the 1
2nd and goal- Samuel walks in!!!!!!!

Redskins 7-0!!!!

They're still in shotgun most of the time but the passes are coming out quicker and shorter.

Defense looking useless again.

Tie game 7-7

2nd possession
1st down- run for a 1st
1st down- run for 1
end of quarter

2nd quarter

2nd- pass to Terry
3rd and 4- Terry for 24!!
1st - flag, offsides defense
1st and 5- BIG CATCH at the 3 with a FLAG!!!!! Thomas back from the concussion!!! Takes another headshot on jis 1st catch back!!!!
1st and goal at the 1- bad throw!!!! I want to be upset at Sam for that throw but the entire right side of the line collapsed letting him get hit as he threw.
2nd and goal- crazy run!!!! Terry comes up with the ball in the endzone!!!!!

Redskins 14-7

All snaps from SHOTGUN formation

4th and 1 coming tush push with a flag offense offsides
4th and 6- punting!!!!!
down to the 21

3rd possession
1st- run for nothing
2nd- screen for 2
3rd and 8- sacked!!!
punting to the 43

All snaps from shotgun again

3rd and 13- incomplete
punt coming
ball at the 26

4th possession
1st- nice roll out pass for 9
2nd and 1- run for a 1st
1st- quick throw to Thomas
2nd and 4- deep ball thrown to deep!!!!!
3rd and 4- complete to Brown for 35 yds!!!
1st at the 21- run for 2
2nd- checkdown for no gain

2-minute warning

3rd and 8- flag in the endzone!!! PI!!!!
1st down at the 10- tripped for a sack he was wide open if he hadn't tripped
2nd down- run
3rd and goal- complete to the 9
field goal coming

Redskins 17-7

1:39 to go defense needs a stop
20 seconds to go
10 seconds
4 seconds
field goal try


1st sack was a 6 man rush that he probably should have recognized and bailed out on instead of stepping up into the sack.
2nd sack was him tripping over his lineman.

Almost all snaps from shotgun but they rolled the pocket out once, ran a couple screens and had shorter quicker passes mixed in this week.

The SAMWAGON is now boarding new passengers!!!

3rd quarter, Eagles get the ball to start

CHASE YOUNG EATS AGAIN!! Payne got the arm, Chase mashed up the body!


5th possession
1st- run
2nd and 10- flag- PI
1st- run
2nd- short pass
3rd and 4- doctson dropped it perfect throw
punting to 26

Defense falls apart again

Losing 17-21

6th possession
1st- checkdown for 8
2nd- run
3rd and inches- shotgun- trick snap to Thomas push
1st- complete for 6
2nd- incomplete deep to Brown
3rd and 4- sack with flag
punting to 32

Defense apparently stayed in the locker room for the 2nd half.
end of quarter

4th quarter

Losing 24-17

7th possession
1st- screen to Terry
2nd- complete to Samuel
3rd and 2- complete for a 1st
1st- Sam runs for a few
2nd and 8- complete for 4
3rd and 4- Sam runs close to the sticks with a flag, Unnecessary roughness
1st down- checkdown for 9
2nd and 1- incomplete deep
3rd and 1- stopped with a flag
3rd and 6- complete to Samuel
1st at the 24- run for 9
2nd and 1- ROBINSON FOT THE TD!!!!!!!

TIE GAME!!!! 24-24

I believe the Eagles still owe us 4 turnovers so it's like last years game, now would be a great time for the 1st!!!

Defense holds!!!! Hurtz is lucky not to have a couple picks on that drive.
punting to inside the 10

8th possession
1st- run for 3
2nd- incomplete deep
3rd and 7- Sam runs to the 30!!!!
1st- run for nothing
2nd- sacked
3rd and 17- false start
3rd and 23- runs for a little
punting to the 43


3:20 to go
2:34 to go
Eagles timeout 3rd and 8
gave up the 1st
2-minute warning

Everyone who had this game as a tie with 2 minutes to go raise your hands!!! Big Grin

1st- another 1st in field goal range
1st- run for 6
2nd- touchdown

31-24 Losing again

9th possession
36 yard line, 1:36 on the clock, 1 timeout
1st - complete for a 1st
1st- sack at the 40
2nd- throws it away
3rd and 17- complete
4th and 2- complete to Brown with a flag declined
1st at the 28- throws it away
2nd- 28 seconds left- complete to Terry
1st Complete to Terry at the 10!!!
1st with 5 seconds- timeout Eagles
incomplete 2 second to go


Noone covers the spread today!!!!!!!!!!!! Dancing

Overtime 10 minutes
Washington gets the ball!!!!

10th possession
1st- run for a loss of 2
2nd- complete
3rd and 5- Perfect throw to Terry was out of bounds!!!! Looks barely in but
4th down- punting to 40


3rd and 3- short
4th and 1- tush push for the 1st
1st no gain
2nd- got the 1st
1st down in field goal range- run for more
2nd- intentional grounding flag
3rd and 17- out of field goal- complete
field goal attempt coming--
That sucks, 54 yard field goal

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Sunday, October 01, 2023 7:04:54 PM
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No time to analize today but it appears the refs missed a false start on the tush push on the final drive.

The officials missed a clear false-start by the Left Guard on the 4th and 1 Tush Push.

After McLaurin's catch ruled OOB, if the Eagles go on to win this game, remember this play.

Terrys toe on the video I saw appears to clearly show color around the front of the toe looking like it was inbounds.

Ron probably should have gone for 2 and the game win at the end of regulation. It looks like the riverboat has no juice left. The announcers were talking about it ahead of time and I was hoping. Win or lose there and the refs aren't involved in the ot decisions.

Gassed? He doesn't go for 2 because he thinks the guys are gassed so instead choses to have them drive the field again? That's either a BS answer or he's an out of touch idiot.

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Monday, October 02, 2023 12:28:03 PM
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Quick Trivia Question: Who was the last QB to beat Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles (not counting post season)?

A: That's right, the one and only Taylor Heinicke. In fact, Taylor is the 1 in the Eagles 18-1 regular season record the last 19 games with Hurts starting.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2023 6:19:17 AM
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Sam video

The only thing I can find from that game worth remembering is that it took almost 50 handoffs to a running back any NFL level qb could accomplish combined with 4 or 5 turnovers to barely squeak out a win. Here's the play by play in case you forgot. Don't forget the 75 yards in Eagles penalties either. Sam looked legit and the final was so close that even a single turnover or one of the refs getting glasses before the game and it goes the other way. Add in 4 or 5 turnovers like last year and it could have been a blowout. I feel better overall about looking legit against a Superbowl contender than last years meaningless win that required a ton of gifts from the Eagles to accomplish. This year we have something we can build on that might get somewhere. Last year we were DOA before post season even began with no chance of accomplishing anything. If you watch the video above you clearly see Sam making throws and runs Heiney would have never had a chance on. This is probably the first time since the early 80's when Joe got hurt that I think there's a legit chance we have a real franchise type qb that may be around for years to come and worth buying a jersey for once they fix the name going on it.

It's worth looking at again and realizing none of this happens last year with noodle arm. "an absolute dime to Dotson"

Top five PFF ratings for Commanders vs Eagles (Offense)

Dyami Brown - 74.8
Sam Howell - 74.0
Terry McLaurin - 73.7
Charles Leno - 71.4
Curtis Samuel - 71.0

Sam stepping up in the pocket

Commanders defense’s lack of turnovers
Before the game, I did an analysis of how the Washington Commanders managed to upset the Philadelphia Eagles last season. They repeated two of the three big things that won that game. They committed to the run, and they managed to lure their opponents into a lot of bad penalties. The one thing they couldn’t do was force turnovers.

It may be just me but I'm not going to criticize Sam for not getting 4 turnovers this year just like I'm not giving Heiney credit for getting 4 last year. Let's see what some others think about Sam's game.

Eagles CB Darius Slay has high praise for Sam Howell

Bryan Manning
October 3, 2023 8:45 am ET
Philadelphia Eagles Pro Bowl cornerback Darius Slay showed the ultimate respect for Commanders wide receiver Terry McLaurin in the offseason. Slay called McLaurin the second-most difficult wide receiver he covered last season.

McLaurin has had plenty of success against Slay, including in Sunday’s 34-31 overtime win for the Eagles. But this was the first time the veteran cornerback had faced Commanders quarterback Sam Howell.

Let’s just say Slay was impressed.

“He was great, man,” Slay said courtesy of Nicki Jhabvala of The Washington Post.

“They got a good future with him, man. He gotta keep working, but great game by him, for sure, by extending plays……He made a lot of big plays.”

In addition to covering McLaurin, Slay was matched up in coverage against Byron Pringle at one point when Howell attacked him deep. However, Pringle appeared to slow down on the route, and the pass fell incomplete.

Howell completed 29 of 41 passes for 290 yards against the Eagles, leading a game-tying drive in the final seconds of regulation to force overtime. While the Commanders fell short, they hope Howell will be the guy facing the Eagles for years to come.

According to JP Finlay of NBC 4 in Washington, Philadelphia head coach Nick Sirianni was also impressed by Howell.

Sam Howell takes big step forward against Eagles
Breaking down the performance of QB Sam Howell

Despite the Washington Commanders ultimately losing in overtime to the Eagles, the performance of quarterback Sam Howell will be a big positive to take away from the game. After the worst start of his career against the Bills last week, this week was a big test to see not only how Howell would bounce back, but how he would respond against a second quality opponent in back to back weeks. Howell stepped up tremendously, completing 29 of 41 passes for 291 yards and a touchdown, leading his team on a last minute touchdown drive to tie the game and take last year’s Super Bowl runners up to overtime.

The loss was tough to take after that, but ultimately the long term view here is the most important aspect. Howell proved he could compete against one of the best defenses in the league and be very efficient in Eric Bieniemy’s system. There will undoubtedly still be bumps in the road for Howell’s development and he may never fully pan out, but this game was a proof of concept that the pairing of Howell and Bieniemy can work.

That decisiveness and rhythm of getting the ball out quickly and letting his receivers make plays for him is exactly what this offense needs to be built on and they showed they were capable of doing that consistently against a strong defense like the Eagles yesterday. That’s not to say, however, that Howell was only throwing checkdowns. In key situations, he was pushing the ball further down the field and picking up explosive plays too.

Here on third and four, the Commanders align in a bunch set to the right. Out of that bunch set, the Commanders have one receiver breaking inside on a basic cross, one breaking outside on a corner route and a third receiver faking a shallow cross before pivoting back outside. Howell only needs four yards to pick up the first down and keep the chains moving, but he doesn’t hyper focus on the shorter stuff underneath. He spots the opportunity to throw further down the field and doesn’t hesitate to take that shot. The Eagles play man coverage but fail to sort out the bunch set. Dyami Brown ends up breaking wide open on his corner route. Howell looks poised and confident in the pocket, probably a result from being in rhythm due to Bieniemy’s play-calling, as he takes his hitch steps to climb up in the pocket and deliver the throw to Brown. Brown brings in the pass and turns up the sideline on his way to a big 35-yard gain, putting them in field goal range just before the half.

Howell definitely has that clutch trait that enables him to stay calm in key situations and play his best football in those moments. To put together that scoring drive in the last 90 seconds of the game with just one time out against a defense as good as the Eagles was extremely impressive.

It was a very strong and encouraging performance overall from Howell and one that gives a glimpse of just how effective an offense led by Howell and Bieniemy could be going forward. They showed the blueprint in this game and proved the potential is there. We shouldn’t get carried away by one performance but it was a proof of concept that this is a quarterback and system that can be effective against one of the best teams in the league.
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Thursday, October 05, 2023 8:17:29 PM
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Thursday night held hostage on Prime edition. Sam's 1st Prime Time game. We start out the pregame with Magic saying the R word during his interview. Big Grin
What can we hope for tonight? How about the offense and the defense both playing the entire game instead of just 3 quarters or less. We had problems with the long snapper that may be fixed now. Last week we had problems with MVP's punting. Hopefully that's fixed now. Apparently the Bears only have 1 starter in the secondary playing and that's a rookie so hopefully that means we're going to see some big plays, busted coverages and long scores. They begged fans to wear black tonight so there will be no way to be sure if more Redskin fans are present or if it's Bears fans. At least the bears aren't wearing their Halloween orange. Sick Are we getting quick release, move the pocket Sam or drop back and hold it too long version. I'd like to believe they learned something last week. I'm also expecting to see that Logan Thomas to Sam pass they were practicing in training camp and set up with a couple direct snaps to LT last week. Chase hasn't had that wow play yet/highlight reel moment. Our rookie hasn't had his first TOOTHPICK SIX! yet.

1st quarter

Bears get the ball to start

3rd and 9, gave up a huge pass!!! 58 yards
Sack for Sweat
3rd and long again, wide open touchdown!!!
6 plays to score!!!!

Bears 7-0

1st possession
1st- shotgun- run for 5
2nd - shotgun- quick pass for almost a 1st Should have been challenged for the spot by Ron. Video clearly shows it was.
3rd and inches- under center, run stuffed in the back field.
punting to the 27

Defense does nothing again!
Bears 10-0

2nd possession
1st- shotgun, sam scrambles for 3
2nd- false start
2nd- run
3rd and 11- sam runs for 1
punting to 31

Rookie looking bad again, missed the tackle twice on the same play!
Chase almost has a huge sack, should have been intentional grounding!
end of half

2nd quarter

another touchdown!!

Bears 17-0

3rd possession
1st- run
2nd- pass complete
3rd and 2- sam rolls out for a short pass for the 1st
1st- complete for 9
2nd- run for 1st
1st- pass for 3
2nd- complete for a 1st
1st- incomplete to a wide open Brown in the end zone (Looks like about a 50 yard throw that hit him in the hands. Feels like that's a ball he should have accelerated or laid out for. Nice throw, not perfect but catchable.)
2nd- run for 1
3rd and 9- deep incomplete, offsides on d
3rd and 4- tipped incomplete
field goal attempt= kick is good
(two drops in the endzone by Brown and Dotson)

Bears 17-3

Defense gets walked down the field again for a field goal try

Bears 20-3

4th possession
1st- intercepted!!

2-minute warning
another touchdown!!!
Boobirds are loud!!!

Bears 27-3

5th possession- 24 seconds to go
1st- throw away
2nd- 19 seconds left- complete
3rd and 8 12 seconds- complete for 1st
1st- 3 seconds, crowd boos the timeout- pass for some yards to end the half, boo birds singing!!!


I'm not really digesting how this defense can look this bad. The line's mostly not getting pressure. Chase is all over the place but not changing the game. The secondary looks bad and the rookie is looking really bad so far.

Other than 1 bad interception, Sam looked alright but the offense still went 3 and out or worse on 3 of the 4 possessions prior to the 2 minute warning and left 2 scoring plays incomplete in the endzone on the other. Time for some major defensive adjustments. They're going to have to cut Sam loose on offense to have a chance at a comback.

3rd quarter

6th possession
1st- complete to the back for a big YAC
1st- complete for 6
2nd- complete for 1st
1st- complete checkdown for a 1st
1st- flag in the endzone
1st at the 2- touchdown to Thomas!!!!

Going for 2- Sam runs it in!!!! (Where was that play Sunday at the end of the game!!!)

Bear 27-11

Defense tries something different and actually holds!!!
Punting to 30

7th possession-
1st- complete for 6
2nd- complete but Thomas fumbles!!!

Allen gets a sack
3rd and 15- false start
3rd and 25-
punting to 15 yd line

8th possession
1st- complete for 6
2nd- big pass to Gibson for 41!!!
1st- complete to Dotson for a 1st
1st- sack
2nd and 19- complete to the 22
3rd and 12- Sam scrambles for 10
4th and 2- field goal good, wanted them to go for it!!!!

Bears 27-14

rookie gets burned again
end of quarter

4th quarter

Bears playing with back up lineman and no running backs. This should be looking ugly.
Rookie gets benched!!!!
Field goal

Bears 30-14

9th possession
1st- Sam rumbles for 5
2nd- complete with a flag, declined
1st- complete for a 1st
1st- incomplete, receiver fell down (16 completions in a row until this one)
2nd- complete
1st- throws it away to save the sack
2nd- incomplete deep ball to Thomas
3rd and 10- complete for a 1st
1st- complete to the 3
1st and goal!!!- incomplete
2nd and goal- incomplete
3rd and goal- wide open TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

Going for 2- no good

Bears 30-20

Defense without the rookie holds!!!
punting to 19

10th possession
1st- incomplete
2nd- complete for a 1st
1st- sam runs for 1
2nd- sack
3rd and 13- complete for a 1st- big dive by Thomas
1st- deep to Terry incomplete
2nd- big catch to Terry
1st at the 23- out of bounds
2nd- complete for a loss
3rd and 15- Gibson drops it
field goal attempt- NO GOOD!!!!!

Fuller gives up a 56 yd touchdown!!!!

Bears 37-20

11th possession
1st- sack
2nd and 21- complete
3rd and 13- sack
4th and 18- complete but short

2 minute warning
field goal

Bears 40-20

12th possession 1:56 to go
1st- complete
2nd- complete
1st- incomplete
2nd- complete
3rd and 6- complete
1st- complete
end of game

I don't know what needs to be done but the next 10 days needs to find a way to fix this useless defense!!!! Sick
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Thursday, October 05, 2023 11:18:14 PM
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Time to put Howell on the bench and get Jake Fromm ready for next year. Trade Chase Young while you can still get something for him.

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Thursday, October 05, 2023 11:27:59 PM
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I haven't seen the numbers yet but I don't think Sam's are going to look bad. He looked mostly accurate again, he almost brought them back again but the defense just isn't doing anything to help. At least they benched the rookie cornerback but then Fuller starts giving up touchdowns. Sam had one string of 16 straight completions.

4 games giving up 30 or more points. There's really no excuse for a defense with this many 1st rounders being this bad. Post game announcers appear to agree. Sam's looking promising but the defense should be wrecking games, especially at home. Of course it took them 5 games to turn things around last year so there's still time this year to get things fixed. I just really thought it would be the O-Line looking bad and being the difference but it's clearly a defensive disaster in progress. I'll dig for the stats tomorrow.
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Friday, October 06, 2023 7:19:35 AM
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High light of the game the LETS GO REDSKINS chant!!

Sam's game stats 37/51 388yds 2td 1int 19 rushing yds 99.1 QBR
I believe that works out to a 72.5% completion rate and over 400 yds combined passing and rushing for Sam.

1st possession- run stuffed in the backfield to kill the drive.

2nd possession- nobody open twice plus a penalty killed it.

3rd possession- a number of completions until they got to the endzone and had 2 catchable balls dropped. 3 points on the field goal

4th possession- 1 play interception,

5th possession- a few completions but no time to do anything before half.

6th possession- 5 completions for a TD and a run in for the 2 pointer

7th possession- 2 completions but then Thomas fumbles the ball trying to get extra yds.

8th possession- 4 completions and a great scramble, 1 blind side sack he didn't see coming, field goal scored but I wanted them to go for it on 4th and 2, that could have been a game changer if they'd picked it up but Ron got conservative again.

9th possession- mixed bag here, we have a big bruising run by Sam, 5 completions, 1 incompletion where a receiver fell down, 1 where Thomas dropped a deep ball that was in his hands, overall a really nice drive for a TD, 2 point conversion fails but I would have liked to see them roll Sam to the right again with the run pass option until they show they can stop it.

10th possession- drive the field again but have to settle for a missed field goal

11th, game pretty much out of reach, 2 sacks and 2 completions

12th- nothing they could really do with less than 2 minutes to go.

Looks like Sam had 1 bad mistake in his first 10 possessions, overall another great showing by what appears to be the long term answer at QB.

If only we had a defense. The only player that really stood out all night was Chase Young. He had 1 huge sack taken away by an intentional grounding throw the refs should have flagged. The overall defensive output was bottom of the league level. I really regret the sale taking so long and allowing us to get stuck with Ron and JC again this year. The fans aren't going to keep showing up if the defense continues to give up 30 to 40 points a game! The bad draft is not only not helping this year at all, some of the problems can be blamed on the rookies on the field production directly. Danny Johnson immediately looked better coming off the bench. I haven't had a reason to get excited about Ridgeway even one time this year so far. I'm wondering if he isn't really back from that injury last year. We do have 2 d-lineman eligible to come back now from IR. Maybe they can make a difference and get the season turned around. The calls for firing the coaches are getting louder, hopefully the new owners pull the plug at least on the DC soon. It's a shame that worthless win against the Bears last year gave Dan an excuse not to fire everyone then!!!! Any chance we can sign back Greg Williams from the DC XFL team? Maybe Joe Gibbs can get called in to sweeten the begging. Make EB interim HC right now with a new DC to audition for the rest of the year.

Ron Rivera handed momentum back to the Bears when he kicked the field goal.

Absurd to see your QB put everything on the line to get the first down and you just kick it when you need two yards.

Riverboat Ron isn’t a thing anymore.


Josh Harris is going to do it anyway. Make a statement and do it now. The stadium is sold out with fans. We are getting our asses kicked in prime time to a team who has lost 14 straight. Hold ‘em accountable & show the fans you aren’t (banned)ing around

Fire Ron Rivera, Fire Del Rio, Cut the DBs, Cut Joey Slye, Change the name, and pay for my therapy

-It’s time to start St-Juste at outside cornerback and play our SECOND ROUND PICK Quan Martin in the slot, where he shined in college. Forbes needs to sit and gain some confidence back while working on his tackling skills during practice.

I loved when the camera was on the owners box. Harris and others were laughing about something on Harris's phone but when the camera gets on Magic he's sitting there looking pretty (banned) like he's evaluating everyone on the team, players and coaches.

I'm just glad he was holding a phone when I was expecting to see him chugging a beer. I'm really hoping he doesn't have a hangover today and is ready to deal with the coaching change issue.

Chris Cooley's on the int
Regarding Sam Howell’s interception: “They (receivers) are too short on their route. That route has to be run 10-12 yards by Curtis Samuel, period. But he cut it off five yards early, which would take about one second longer.”
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Wednesday, October 11, 2023 10:49:24 AM
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Feels like we could use a happy thought today to get over the hump.
Here we go.

Chris Trapasso 🏈
With the long-term in mind, here's how I'd rank 1st and 2nd year QBs based on what they've done individually, entering Week 6 (must have started 2+ games):

1a. Sam Howell
1b. Brock Purdy
3. C.J. Stroud
4. Anthony Richardson
5. Desmond Ridder
6. Kenny Pickett
7. Bryce Young
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Sunday, October 15, 2023 12:45:29 PM
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This might be the least excited I've been coming into a game in years.

It appears after drafting a zone cornerback in the 1st round and forcing him to play man coverage which apparently he sucks at, now instead of fixing the scheme back to a zone, they're starting Danny Johnson at corner instead of the rookie?

After years of an evil owner, now we have an owner who appears not to be interested in the actual games being played on the field. The bright spot for today is another big loss should force the owners hands into getting at least the DC out the door if not the OC as well. Unfortunately, this team never does what it's expected to do so instead of losing and getting things starting to point in the right direction, they'll more than likely flip the script again and win big. It might be a 5 or 6 TD day for Sam.

On the other side of the ball we get to see the running back I dreamed of us drafting but didn't because we squeaked out a meaningless win last year against Atlanta giving them a higher draft pick than us so they could get him before we had a chance. We also get Heiney on the bench one injury away from playing. I could also see Sam leading another comeback while Heiney comes off the bench and tosses a pick or two to cement the win for us and forcing us to keep the worthless coaches all season.

An even more Redskinlike result would be Sam getting hurt, Brisset coming up the bench to lead us to a win while Heiney looked on from the other teams bench not playing where he chose to go sit instead of staying here for this opportunity. Ooh

We finally have a new LT today for a horrible reason, death of a child. Sad

1st quarter

1st possession
Skins get the ball 1st
1st and 10- roll out complete
2nd and 10-run, no gain
3rd and 10- complete for a 1st
1st and 10- complete
2nd and 8- complete for a 1st
1st and 10- deep ball dropped by Brown
2nd- run for 1
3rd and 9- big catch to Terry for a 1st
1 and 10- sack at the 30 on Sam, looked hesitant.
2nd and 17- run for 1
3rd and 16- complete to the 20
field goal attempt coming

Sam ahead 3-0!

Defense looking useless again. Wall
Sam's in a hole AGAIN!!!!!

Falcons 7-3

2nd possession
1st and 10- at the 20- run for 4
2nd - complete for a 1st
1st- screen complete for a 1st and a flag- holding on the useless center
1st and 20- run
2nd and 14- incomplete interference NOT called
3rd and 14- incomplete deep
(Center killed the 1st drive last week with a whiffed block and this drive with a holding call, yet the rookie is still sitting on the bench!!)

2nd quarter

Defense does something different, only rushes 3 on 3rd and 9 and actually holds!!!!! 3 and out!!

Carter HUGE RETURN to the 10!!!!!!

3rd possession
1st- jet sweep for 9
2nd at the 2 run for a 1st
1st at the 1- pass for a TD!!!!

Sam's ahead again 10-7!!!!!

Defense holds
store fills up all at once with walk-ins

4th possession
1st- Dotson drops one
2nd- run for 7
3rd and 1- incomplete
4th- Sam runs for a 1st
1st- run for 9
2nd- flag holding defense
1st- complete for a 1st
1st and goal at the 7- Complete for a TD!!!!!

Sam's ahead 17-7!!

Missed whatever happened helping customers.

Sam's still up 17-10

5th possession 1:31 on the clock no timeouts
1st- sack
2nd and 14- sacked again
3rd and 20- throws it in the dirt
punting to 48

Defense holds, punting again

6th possession- ball at the 4
1st- run
2nd- kneel down

Now to see what adjustments the coaches make to let the Falcons back in it.

3rd quarter

Fuller interception!!!!!!

7th possession ball at the 27
1st- run for 2
2nd- Sams 3rd touchdown!!!!!!!

Sam's up 24-10!!!

Sweat's out with a hurt thumb
Casey Toohill shows Chase how to finish a sack!!!!
Punting deep

8th possession
1st at the 15- run for 7
2nd- another big run
1st- run for 1
2nd- Sam runs for 1
3rd and 8- Big sack!!
51 yard punt

4th quarter

Defense gives up a 13 play drive for a TD
Holds on the 2 pointer

Sam's up 24-16

9th possession
1st- complete for 18yds
1st- run for 3
2nd- run for 1
3rd and 6- incomplete
punting to 11

Defense intercepts in the endzone to avoid the complete fold

Missed the 10th possession with customers

Defense holds for a change!!!!

11th possession 2:24 to go
1st- run for 2
2nd- run
3rd and 8- incomplete
punting instead of long field goal
ball at the 7
2 minutes to go

complete Sams 43
complete to Sams 34
ball spiked 31 seconds left
delay of game last time out used
3rd and 1- INTERCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!

twelfth possession
kneel down game over

Feels like the OC took his foot off the gas after that 1st score in the 2nd half and gave the defense plenty of chances to let them back in it. I'll have to check the tape to see what changes on d occurred but there were some player sightings that usually haven't been seen. That win should have us locked in with the coaches until the end of the year now. Middle of the pack now expected unless the d decides to show up.

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Sunday, October 15, 2023 4:07:44 PM
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WEBVG wrote:
The bright spot for today is another big loss should force the owners hands into getting at least the DC out the door if not the OC as well. Unfortunately, this team never does what it's expected to do so instead of losing and getting things starting to point in the right direction, they'll more than likely flip the script again and win

Oh shucks! My favorite team won a game and now they're not going to fire anybody and they won't get a top draft pick! Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying

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Sunday, October 15, 2023 4:58:15 PM
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Oh shucks! My favorite team won a game and now they're not going to fire anybody and they won't get a top draft pick!

You're safe. We're right on pace for a middle of the pack missing the playoffs finish again!!! Meanwhile, we don't get to field test Bemy as an interim HC to see if we have a reason to make the job his completely at the end of the year. More importantly, a new DC coming in right now might have had a chance to take the parts we already have and shuffle them around into something good enough this year to make a playoff run!!! It's much more important to muddle thru winning 3 or 4 meaningless games than to do things that might actually make this team better.
Strike 1, losing season, lost a wild card game
Strike 2, losing season
Strike 3, losing season
Strike 4, on pace to match the first 3.

Last year the defense stunk up the start of the season after playing a cover corner they drafted as a zone corner and failing. This year they flip flop and draft a zone corner and force him to play man??? It's one thing to make a mistake but to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again is mind numbing. The really sad part is that by getting a new GM and HC in place last week or even right now, they still had time to make a trade or two before the deadline to improve our chances THIS year!!!!! Linebacker and tackle would have been two obvious one's to look for a deal for. This team has playoff caliber personnel on defense but a DC in charge that continually plays them out of positions they're best at and doesn't make changes until he's forced to or it's so obvious, he can't avoid it.

We're setting up to watch the rest of the home games sell out as the locals sell their tickets to out of towners so every game feels and looks like an away game.

We're setting up to have all the coaches replaced at the end of the season which most likely means that Sam, at best starts next year with his 3rd OC in 3 years and a whole new system to learn. At worst, the new HC wants to draft his own "guy" and Sam's time is wasted here as well as we have to fork over large trade capital to move up to get whoever the new HC wants to build around.

New HC with a new 3 to 5 year plan puts any realistic Super Bowl chances 3 years down the road, that's Feb 2027 at the earliest!!!! Every year they muddle thru with the same result keeps pushing that window back another year as some people prefer to celebrate mediocracy now over having realistic chances at the big party. This year was supposed to be THE year with a returning top 5 Defense adding Chase Young and a couple ball hawking secondary players. Instead we get the stupid DC playing people out of place again, changing how they played at the end of the year last year again, drafting the wrong personnel for what they say they wanted to do and giving up big drives over and over again. If it wasn't for an interception in the end zone this game could have easily gone into overtime. Good defenses with decent DC's don't dial up game plans that let them drive the full length of the field over and over again needing an interception to bail them out. It's great that they got it but unless they actually do something to fix the problem it's going to get really ugly quickly. Last years defense with this years production on offense and they're 6-0 or at least 5-1.

We have 2 games against the Giants coming which you know Daniel Jones always owns this vanilla preseason level defense.

Another against the Eagles that already beat us.

2 against the Cowpukes which you never know which team Dallas will be fielding.

The Dolphins which look legit and high scoring.

The 49ers which should destroy this D.

LA which I'm not feeling overconfident about seeing Aaron Donald turned loose on this O-Line.

The Jets which may be out of their AR slump by then.

Which leaves New England and maybe Seattle.

Top 5 D and we might have a chance of surviving the gauntlet. Doing nothing and expecting the DC to suddenly do something different after 3 years is wishful thinking at best. I think we still have the talent to finish 13-4 but 7-10 is looking a lot more likely based on what the d has been so far this year and today didn't change my mind a lot about what condition they're in.

We should know next week. If this defense lets the Giants win again, the season is pretty much done. Mathmatically speaking, the Patriots and the 2 Giants games are the only 3 games that should be easy wins and this team just demonstrated in unquestionable manor how they love to play down to the competition and are willing to make the worst teams in the league look like contenders. The Bears celebrated their destroying us last week by losing again this week!!!

Let's do some playoff math assuming it'll take a 9-7 finish to back door into a wild card spot. That means we need 6 more wins to be Wild Card Weekend sacrificial fodder.

Sweep the Giants and New England would be 3
Split with the Cowpukes for 1 more.

2 more needed. I don't see the Eagles, 49ers, or Dolphins as likely based on our current D.

That leaves having to win 2 out of 3 against Seattle, LA and the Jets. Lose to the Giants next week and it would require a sweep or sweeping Dallas.

This is just to get to a playoff game and lose.

It feels like weeks since I've heard Jonathan Allens name called by an annnouncer. Payne and Sweat both missed snaps today from injuries. I keep hoping Chase is going to explode or at least toss out some HOF wow level plays but today it appeared several times that he would pull up on plays if the defender was already by him instead of finishing. He went wide and deep a few too many times for my liking as well. The one time he did appear to get his hands on the qb, he let him escape. If I was a new DC I would seriously consider any trade right now that would move Chase for a starting level linebacker to replace Barton. We have proven depth that may not lead the league in pressures or sacks but the overall result could be better.

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Monday, October 16, 2023 7:07:04 AM
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Collecting a few thoughts on how bad the defense was again yesterday and why the offense took their foot off the gas in the second half, changed the way they'd been playing and the combo let the game get almost out of hand.

“That’s not good enough (Washington 18 plays, Atlanta 45) in the second half. The only reason you come out with a victory in this situation is Desmond Ridder gave you the ball three times. So, offensively you say, ‘there are some things we have to be better at.'” Logan Paulsen

Seems fairly accurate. We maintained the win due to the other team giving us a bunch of turnovers. Wall

We weren’t as good as we needed to be. We did our job, but we need to pay more attention to details because we almost got ourselves into trouble.” Ron Rivera

Year 4 and Ron still can't coach a team into paying the proper amount of attention.

If you’ve ever watched a Washington Commanders’ game while also following along on Twitter, it can sometimes be a fun experience. It can also be brutal — or a mix of both. After all, the Commanders have given fans plenty of reasons not to trust them or believe in them over the years.

and they did again.
Washington’s secondary keeps getting burned. Ridder is missing guys but with a more accurate QB this would be much uglier.

I guess Benjamin St-Juste interception don't mean anything since this offense ain't doing (banned) but giving the ball right back to the Falcons

Commanders naturally having their offense turn impotent on three straight possessions, giving the Commanders defense absolutely no support!
Hard to watch!

Sam Howell in the last 3 games

6 TDS 1 INT 829 YARDS 105.8 Rating

Washington has got their guy.

Jahan Dotson dropped the only pass thrown his way today. It was just the second time in his career he was held catch less. Here's his production on the season. He's been completely uninvolved.

Jahan Dotson has no business on the field
We are far better off without Charles Leno
Jack Del Rio is atrocious at his job
Sam has got to develop some pocket presence or a concussion is right around the corner
Happy we finally decided to throw the ball to our best weapon

The biggest surprise of the entire Commanders' season has been the lack of production from Jahan Dotson.

He isn't completely to blame but he just dropped an open lobbed deep shot downfield with lots of running room in front of him. Two rare, big drops over the past three weeks.

Just like with everything… Ron and JDR take forever to make the obvious become reality. They have to lose multiple games to learn a lesson even the most common fan sees. Landon to Buffalo nickel …WJ3 not a zone guy..Forbes shouldn’t be on the best and biggest WR in man…Mayo and Apke should never play defense and now finally let Khaleke play! These two can’t be fired soon enough

Digging for hope on a Monday, lets see how things are going.
We needed come from behind victories against two teams that are now both 1-5!!
We get smoked by the Bills.
The mean Eagles wouldn't give us 4 or 5 turnovers to beat them so we lost that one.
The Bears absolutely destroyed us on Prime Time at home!!!!! (Another 1-5 team!!!)
We hold on for a win against the Falcons with multiple turnovers bailing us out.
Our #3 and #4 receivers have developed cases of the dropsies to complement their cases of usually not openness.
Our MVP punter now looks average at best with what may be back issues combined with his age.
Our 85 Bear/Ravens level dominating defense is giving up over 30 points a game and looking weak against the pass.
The best thing about yesterday may actually be that our new lush of an owner managed to not get filmed while appearing drunk and partying. Applause
Our 1st and 2nd round draft picks this year played maybe 1 or 2 snaps while last years 1st and 2nd rounders didn't play at all or dropped his only target.

I really want us to win and to feel good about this team but other than finding what appears to be a franchise level qb finally, everything else around him appears to be falling apart and as long as our coaches continue to be old dinosaurs, there appears to be no hope of a turn around this year.

Quarterback Sam Howell made his seventh career start in Sunday’s game, and he, too, also made Washington history. When he reached 1,602 passing yards, it was the most in franchise history from a quarterback in his first seven career games.

Imagine what the numbers would look like if Dotson and Brown hadn't had the dropsies all season. Daydreaming
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Wednesday, October 18, 2023 6:14:39 AM
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Here's a weird angle slow mo of some of what's going on. Toss slow mo toss of the lineman, low mo of the dance after the sack. Wall

Through 6 weeks, Sam Howell is doing well in many statistical measures:

5th in both attempts and completions (214 - 145)
10th in passing yards per game (250)
10th in completion percentage (67.8%)
10th in touchdowns (9)
9th in passing first downs (71)
14th in passing success rate (45.2%)
15th in QB Rating (90.1)
1st (tied) in 4th quarter comebacks (2)
2nd (tie) in game winning drives (2)
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