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The real power of Comic Collector Live is in the ability to track your entire collection! Paid subscribers have the ability to track and value their collection easily. They can also view gaps, and easily access their collections and gaps from anywhere in the world! Here is a list of some of the services that are avilable to our subscribers.

  • Easily track your collection!
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The Comic Collector Live website allows members to do everything! Have your collection right at your fingertips. You can easily track your collection and it is available anywhere... anytime! Browse your wishlist while you are at the comic store. Check the gaps in your collection. Our site gives you everything you need to complete your collection including a shopping experience like no other!

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With our huge database being constantly updated, you'll have no trouble searching for comic books to help you easily manage your collection.

Comic Collector Live is designed with the collector in mind. It is the de-facto standard when it comes to collecting, pricing, buying, and selling comics. You can get reports, value your collection, and develop a wish list all for FREE.

Live Market!

Live Market is amazing! It is like walking through a mall filled with comic book shops! Browse, shop, search, and more! You can create a wishlist and shop by wish list. We will even notify you when an item on your wishlist becomes available! And, if you buy comic books at our Live Market, they can easily be entered into your collection! Very, very cool!

Filling in the Gaps!

Gap View lets you see instantly the items you need to complete your collection. Comic collector Live is simply the best way for comic book enthusiasts to buy and sell and organize their comic book collections. It was developed because we love comic books and the many industries comic books have inspired. If you're like us, and want to see the comic book community thrive and continue to prosper, sign up today and start using Comic Collector Live!

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The Comic Collector Live Website is the most professional and easy to use interface ever designed for the industry! Our team of developers has spent thousands of hours putting together a website that is taking the industry by storm!

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