Adventures into Terror

Comic Book By Atlas
31 Issues, 0 Variants

'43'-A | Nov 1950
31-A | May 1954


Title:Adventures into Terror
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Atlas
Caption:Atlas 1950 - 1954 (31 Issues)

About Adventures into Terror

Title changed from Jokers Comics as of issue #43, and continued with the original numbering for two issues (issue 1[#43 on the cover] and 2[#44 on the cover]) before resetting the numbering scheme with issue #3.

Featuring horror and supernatural theme, the title would carry four to five features plus a text story each issue with no continuity or repeat characters. The art was supplied by such greats as Joe Sinnott, Russ Heath, Myron Fass, John Forte, Bill Everett, Joe Maneely, Don Lazarus, Dick Ayers, Don Rico, Gene Colan, and George Tuska.

The publisher of record on the indicia is Current Detective Stories Inc., one of Martin Goodman's many publishing companies that would host the Atlas and Marvel imprints.

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