Drag Cartoons (1963)

Comic Book By Millar
51 Issues, 2 Variants

1-A | Jun 1963
51-A | Oct 2000


Title:Drag Cartoons (1963)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Millar
Caption:Millar 1964 - 2000 (51 Issues)


About Drag Cartoons (1963)

Pete Millar started this title in 1964 & was publishing about 100,000 issues a month when Ed "Big Daddy" Roth comes to him & says that Petersen wants to do a Roth comic book, with backing from Revell. Revell is going to buy advertising & put a subscription form in all the models they sell! After meeting with the Revell people, who were sure that other Roth licensees, like Testor Paint, would also buy ads. Pete went ahead making 4 issues. No ads came, Revell backed out. The end results were that in order to pay the printing cost he turned over the rights. The rights were then sold to Rex Publishing who did 3 issues before they sold them to Professional Services.