Cancelled Comic Cavalcade

Comic Book By DC
2 Issues, 0 Variants

1-A | Jun 1978
2-A | Sep 1978


Title:Cancelled Comic Cavalcade
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:DC
Caption:DC 1978 (2 Issues)



About Cancelled Comic Cavalcade

In late 1978, poor sales figures suddenly turned the "DC Explosion" into the "DC Implosion," as DC was forced to abruptly cancel much of their lineup, leaving a number of unpublished stories and artwork.

In part to preserve the copyright, and also as a joke, the stories were self-published in the copy room of the DC offices. In all, 35 Xeroxed copies were produced and distributed to the creators, the US Copyright Office, and Comic Book Price Guide publisher Robert Overstreet "... to show the world it actually happened."

Several of the stories eventually saw print in other titles in modified form.

As one of the rarest comics of the Bronze Age, and due to the (nearly nonexistent) production values, counterfeit copies abound.