Awesome issue
Review for Maintenance 2-B

Comic Book by Oni Press, May 01 2008
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June 24, 2008

Awesome issue

Oni's solicits for this series continually catch my eye, but I've been underwhelmed with Oni's recent products, so I've always passed it up. Now I know I need to grab the trades of this funny series. Two janitors at a wacky science lab who regularly find themselves in trouble is one of those "Why hasn't this been done before?" ideas that just works on every level. There was also a three page preview for Resurrection by Marc Guggenheim that I loved. The promo page reads "Aliens invade. They devastate the planet. You've heard it all before, right? Okay, smart guy... what happens after they leave?" which wraps up the preview to a T. Add to that my mancrush on Guggenheim after watching the first season of Eli Stone and I need to get this book now!


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