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Writing and defending a PhD thesis or, more officially, a dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Sciences, is a prerequisite for the assignment of the degree of Candidate of Sciences in a particular field. In terms of its content, a PhD thesis is a scientific qualification work, which must contain a substantiated solution to a specific problem related to a particular field of knowledge. It should outline relevant and scientifically substantiated developments that have a certain importance for the development of science.

At the same time, in practice, working on a dissertation, applicants face a whole set of problems and limitations that do not allow them cheap college paper writing service, to formulate and argue new scientific solutions, to present in their dissertation work worthy of attention of the scientific community scientific novelty.

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Such a limitation is the inability or unwillingness to work creatively, systematically, meaningfully, purposefully. And if in the first case (in the case of inability) it is difficult to give any advice on solving the problems of writing a high-quality research paper, in the second (in the case of unpreparedness), the following recommendations will be useful.

To write a scientific thesis will help you the ability to independently set tasks and look for ways to solve them, work creatively. The skills of solving problems clearly set by teachers, which are most often taught to applicants in school, college, university, in this case are irrelevant. You must be prepared to formulate the problems yourself, to justify their relevance, to search for ways to solve them by your own efforts. Do not rely only on the supervisor. Moreover, a good supervisor will always appreciate your creative approach and reasonable initiatives. It is not necessary to start with global problems and solving super important problems - try to create a "problem-research-solution" model at the level of a report or research article, develop your skills from small to large, then if specific ideas fascinate you and you are interested - it can become the basis or part of your thesis.

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It is important to learn how to work with sources. The result of this work should not be an abstract from parts of other people's work (this will not help your thesis, and more often than not - it will hurt, programs for identifying borrowings in texts now work very well), but a deeper understanding of the issues and structuring of the knowledge you have at the moment. In principle, the task of literature analysis in a dissertation research is most often structuring (highlighting groups of views regarding the solution to the problem you are considering), summarizing the material (presenting knowledge in a more accessible, understandable, concrete form) and, of course, justified, correct, with due respect for the work of your senior colleagues, scientific criticism, but not for the sake of criticism as such, but to highlight the problems still unresolved in science, regarding which you have courage, knowledge and ready to

Learn to work systematically (regularly, consistently, purposefully). First formulate a dissertation plan and coordinate it with your thesis advisor, approve the topic and research plan in the department. Then make your own "work plan" and try very hard to follow it. But - this plan should involve the implementation of "extremely short-term plans". Very often the "write a section in six months" options do not work. At the beginning of the period, "...everything is still ahead of you," and near the end, "'s unrealistically hard, and who can do it that fast." For example, your effective work plan might involve writing "at least one page of text a day," or working on your dissertation "at least an hour a day." Little by little - but get to your goal. Of course there can be force majeure situations that will make it impossible for you to work for a certain period, but they must be exceptions to the rule, and not the traditional practice of excusing your inactivity.

And, very importantly - do not wait for "inspiration" and "online dissertation writing service", let them wait for you at your appointed time in the place where you work, near your computer or laptop. Get them used to it. It can be very challenging at first, but no one said writing dissertations was easy, but then you'll love it, we promise. Once you see the results of your systematic work - it will motivate you better than any "muses" and even better than your favorite and respected supervisor.

Go to your goal! Good luck with that! If necessary, "EssayMap" will help you write your PhD thesis.

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