How to Write an Exemplification Article

A way to give examples of something is called exemplification. Exemplification essays are usually written with many examples in support of a generalization. These essays use examples as support material to clarify or explain the generalization. Choose an exemplification essay topic. How do you intend to demonstrate a generalization? You should have a list of generalizations for a topic you are assigned so you can start your essay. If you choose to research your topic on your own, you will need to identify a generalization you can support with examples. Set a purpose. What angle of generalization do your want to show the reader? Clarity will allow you to choose the right examples and create your thesis. Think about your audience. Consider how your audience feels about the generalizations that you discuss. Keep a list with examples that support your generalization. At first, list all the examples you can think of. You will reduce them later. Include anecdotes and facts (short stories), statistics and other types. Consider the examples that best suit your purpose. All of them should support generalization. You do not want them to contradict your purpose. Your thesis statement should be clear. The thesis statement should include the generalization you are illustrating, and indicate that you intend to back it up with examples. The introduction should tell your reader what to expect from your essay, and it should state your thesis. Make sure to write a strong body supporting the thesis. The body should fully support generalization. Each paragraph should be directly related to the thesis. Your examples should be arranged in a logical way. It is important to group examples in a logical way if you have many. Transition words and phrases are used to guide readers through the essay. Your conclusion should sum up the essay's major points and reiterate your thesis. The conclusion should clearly state what you want your readers to take home with them.

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