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Marvel Collectors' Item Classics 17-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Oct 1968

CCL Grade: Good/Very Good
Price $3.00
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Marvel Collectors' Item Classics 17-A by Marvel
Marvel Collectors' Item Classics 17-A by Marvel
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Cover reprinted from Fantastic Four (1961) #23.

"The Master Plan of Doctor Doom!" featuring the Fantastic Four by Lee and Kirby/Bell; 23 pages.
The FF bicker amongst themselves after a mishap while studying Dr. Doom's time machine, and make attempts to select a new leader after Reed scolds the others. Meanwhile, Dr Doom rounds up several criminals and enhances their powers so they can take on the FF. Doom uses Yogi Dakor, 'Handsome' Harry, and Bull Brogin to trap the team in a special chamber, one that will teleport the team to their deaths in space. Doom's reward to his agents is to trick them into another dimension, where they will await his bidding. Reed reasserts his leadership, and the FF turn the tables on Doom and send him in their stead.
First appearances by Yogi Dakor, Bull Brogin, and 'Handsome' Harry Phillips.
Reprinted from Fantastic Four (1961) #23.

"The Domain of the Dread Dormammu" (X-796) featuring Doctor Strange by Lee and Ditko; 10 pages.
Dr. Strange is mystically transported to the side of the Ancient One, who has called Strange to warn him of the coming threat of the dread Dormammu. Strange must travel to Dormammu's dimension and best him there to prevent his coming to Earth. There, living under the tyranny of Dormammu, the beautiful Clea (not named until next issue) watches as Strange endures many trials. She warns him to leave while he can, but Strange approaches Dormammu and stands ready for the challenge of his life.
First appearances of Clea and Dormammu.
Reprinted from Strange Tales (1951) #126.

"Hawkeye, The Marksman!" (X-742) featuring Iron Man by Lee and Heck; 18 pages.
At a boardwalk sideshow, Clint Barton, master archer, watches Iron Man rescue people from a run-away ride. He resolve to become a hero and creates the costume and weaponry of Hawkeye. In his first outing, however, he stops a robbery but police mistake him as the perpetrator. He eludes the police, and is helped by the Black Widow. She works her womanly wiles on him, and soon, Hawkeye is attacking Stark Industries at her direction.
First appearance of Hawkeye.
Reprinted from Tales of Suspense (1959) #57.
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