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What If? 23-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Oct 1980

CCL Grade: Very Fine +
Price $2.25
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Item Details
What If? 23-A by Marvel
What If? 23-A by Marvel
Item Bio
"What If... Hulk's Girlfriend Jarella Had Not Died?"

The Hulk and his love, Jarella return to her sub-atomic planet home, K'ai. Once again Bruce Banner's persona dominates the body of the Hulk. Surrounded by a race of Jade-skinned citizens who adore him, Bruce has the confidence to marry his beloved Jarella.

Dark undercurrents haunt the honeymoon however, when slimy tentacles snake across the behemoth's bride's face in the still of night. Bruce and his loyal personal guards follow the slime trail underground and find some infidels worshiping before a profane idol.

Banner channels the normally rumbustious rage of the Hulk into annihilating the unholy communion. Even as he dies, one acolyte warns the Green Goliath that the Dark Gods themselves have sanctioned his elimination.

Hulk gathers a squad of elite warriors to launch a quest for Wol Ulrai, the ruins of the old Dark Gods' dominion. Once there, Bruce Banner has to face his greatest adversary - himself.

"The First Celestial Host!"

Uatu delivers a history tale this time. Perhaps the single most important event after the "Big Bang". The Celestials visit Earth for the first time and irrevocably divert the genetic heritage of mankind. Indigenous apes are gathered, analyzed and altered to become either Deviant, Eternal or latent Homo Sapiens.

"What If Aunt May Instead of Her Nephew Peter Had Been Bitten by That Radioactive Spider?"

Hey, Uatu has nothing to do with this one!
Little old Aunt May gets the spider-powers and inherits the great responsibility that comes with them. She even stumbles upon a substitute for webbing formula after a kitchen baking disaster.
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