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Invaders (1975) 15-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Apr 1977

CCL Grade: Very Fine -
Price $2.89
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Item Details
Invaders (1975) 15-A by Marvel
Invaders (1975) 15-A by Marvel
Item Bio
"God Save the King!"

The Invaders hold a meeting at Falsworth Manor to discuss the new team of super-heroes (the Crusaders) who have rather stolen their thunder recently; saving the life of the King of England, and all that.

The Crusaders themselves are holding their own meeting, where the members are wondering who their mysterious benefactors may be. Alfie, their 'liaison officer', humbly disguised as a London taxi driver, discloses that he holds the source to their new powers in an electronic device he wears around his waist.

Alfie also convinces the Crusaders that the Invaders are Nazi agents, producing photographs of Cap, Namor and the Torches attacking U.S. forces and Stateside heroes when they were under the influence of the Red Skull.

Dyna-Mite in fact discovers that it is Alfie who is truly the Nazi agent. He manages to pass on word to the Invaders that there is a plot to kill King George VI with a bomb when he christens a new battleship.

The Invaders race to the docks to avert the regicide. The Crusaders misunderstand, still thinking them to be traitors. A battle of wills ensues between the two teams.

The King still intends to launch the battleship in the traditional fashion of cracking a champagne bottle against its hull. It's only when Namor, via Toro disposes of the bomb that the Crusaders realize they've been taken for a ride by their conniving cab driver.

The double-agent doesn't get to make his getaway. A precisely aimed fireball in the road puts paid to that. The Crusaders lose their reason to fight on, and abandon their augmented accessories.

Arriving back at Falsworth Manor, the heroes are dismayed to find that Spitfire, her father Lord Falsworth and Dyna-Mite have absconded without giving notice of their whereabouts.
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