Ultraverse: Series 1 (Base Set)

Trading Card By SkyBox
96 Issues, 0 Variants

1-A | Jan 1993
100-A | Jan 1993


Title:Ultraverse: Series 1 (Base Set)
Type:Trading Card
Key Pub.:SkyBox
Caption:Skybox 1993 (100 Cards)


About Ultraverse: Series 1 (Base Set)

Skybox's ULTRAVERSE: SERIES ONE showcased the heroes, villians, and origins of the ULTRAVERSE.*

Cards #1-45 feature the Ultraverse heroes. Cards #46-72 chronicle information about the Ultraverse bad guys.

Cards #73-81 feature the origins of some of the Ultraverse more popular characters.

Cards #82-90 showcase titles from the Ultraverse.

Cards #91-99 feature various cultures and mythos found inside the Ultraverse comics and Card #100 is the set checklist.

There is a 9-card "ROOKIE" Subset Chase Set(1:5 packs), a "STAR ROOKIE" Subset Chase Set (1:18), and 2 "ULTRA TECH" Chase Cards (1:36) outside the regular base set.

There were also a number of promotional cards for the set available as well that are not included as part of the base set.