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Black Panther movie on Disney+ (spoilers)

Friday, February 03, 2023 11:57:46 AM
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I was able to add on Disney+ to my Hulu basic for $1.85 yesterday so I could stream the BP2 movie and thought it sounded like a great deal. By the time I watched it last night I was left disappointed and now I'm starting to think $1.85 was a little too much for sitting thru that. Points of dislike
1. The whole thing from one end to the other looked dark and felt depressing.
2. The body bag count must be crazy. Last thing that depressing was Superman knocking all those buildings down fighting that soon after 9-11.
3. Atlantis is Namors home
4. I never liked the retcon trying to make Namor a Mutant. The movie just doubled down on it making him older than wolverine.
5. The whole vibranium is too dangerous to let leave Wakanda angle when Winter Soldier's already running around with a vibranium arm and I thought the Agents shield was the replacement they made for Captain America. (may need to rewatch to check that shield part)
6. I missed a lot of the dialogue trying to understand the accents. I might have to rewatch it with the subtitle thing turned on.
7. The underwater scenes were pretty bland and blurry/dark at best. You'd think they would have at least watched the Aquaman movie for a better feel of how to do it.
8. Riri was made to looks stupid needlessly. She's smart enough to build a vibranium detector on a dare from a teacher but not smart enough to make sure it couldn't get into the wrong hands/file a patent to protect her investment. How many patents does Reed Richards have paying dividends? She can build a fancy flying suit but can't seem to add in a simple targeting system to have a chance of hitting a flying guy with little wings on his feet? Your sonic weapon should be firing blasts at 767 mph, he obviously wasn't flying that fast.

Hopefully another viewing helps but I can't see wanting to sit thru this more than 1 more time.
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Friday, February 03, 2023 12:08:15 PM
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I have not watched it yet, but I don't mind spoilers. I will still watch it soon. Your observations will give me something to look for.

I watch a lot of British shows with the wife so we always use subtitles because of the accents. I seem to watch a lot of shows that way. It makes it easier to understand accents, whispering, mumbling and I don't thing it is annoying.
Saturday, February 04, 2023 2:54:39 PM
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I think I just discovered a new variation of subtitles trying to watch the new Night Court on Peacock. It's not giving the conversations but instead is describing what's going on in between. Stuff like "Howard's wife walks into the courtroom in her new job as judge." "A guy who looks like Santa is selling coffee at a counter." "A bailiff looking like Rozz and Bull's daughter looks confused."

I figure it must be for blind folk just listening. It seemed to be default and took me a couple episodes to figure out how to turn it off each time a new episode starts.

The highlight of BP2 is probably the end credit scene which I don't want spoil but I feel a little like they should have skipped this movie and started back about 12 years from now with what you see in the end credit scene for a fresh start.

I may rewatch it tonight for a fresh look. It's a toss up right now between seeing that one a second time, the Black Adam movie I actually bought a second time, Black Widow a second time or just staying with the Royal Rumble replays while Peacock's still active.

One thing I will say about the movie is that although I think they made Namor waaaayyyyy to old, at least his age makes it possible for the movie I really want. A one and done to fill in the gap after Captain America crashes up until maybe Captain Marvel. Some of the highlights could be more Dum Dum Duggan, introducing the Invaders including the original Human Torch, maybe the second Captain America and Bucky, tie in Howard Stark and Peggy Carter getting Shield going, main mission could be finding and getting the cosmic cube back from the depths of the ocean/plane crash site with the help of Namor so it ends up in the Shield facility in time for the Avengers movie.

There's a whole range of tie in mini story potential like 1st appearance of Wolverine, 3-D Man, 1959 Avengers, Kazar, T-Challa's father as Black Panther, etc.........

I believe it was the 2nd CA movie where they had the scene with Steve in the museum where it says Bucky was the only Howling Commando to die during the war so the whole team should be available for use from there thru the 50's. Wasp and Ant-man were active in the 60's according to the 2nd Ant-man movie. Doctor Strange wasn't the 1st Sorcerer Supreme. Lots of untapped potential. If they're creative enough they could even work in the Fantastic Four getting lost in the quantum realm or negative zone prior to reappearing soon unaged.
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Sunday, February 05, 2023 7:04:13 AM
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I watched it again last night and it was easier to follow the second time but still not really enjoyable. Some of the highlights the second time included verifying the body count went something like, they verified 30 seal plus two CIA agents killed in the 1st scene , so that's 32 but I'm not sure that included the two divers or not, then we rapidly lose count when the drone takes out a bunch of police crashing then Namorita gets a bunch more and by the end it feels impossible to tell how many hundreds lost in the ship battle. Just to make sure they drowned a bunch to back at Wakanda.

The biggest question overall I have is WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ELEPHANTS??? That's two viewings now and I still can't tell for sure.

Just for safety, a notice to those at home, do not try to burn cloths on a beach on a big campfire with a strong inward blowing breeze in place. These are trained professionals/ stunt people who are prepared for lighter cloth type items to suddenly go airborne and blow back in their face on fire or take off landing in the dumpster just over the dune setting it on fire like those kids did at Myrtle Beach on one of our vacations. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! Shame on You
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Sunday, February 05, 2023 7:22:32 AM
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I should also add that RiRi's Wakandan armor looked too cartoonish for me. They did a great job with all the Iron Man, War Machine suits but this one feels like they didn't put real thought or effort into it. Thankfully she wasn't allowed to leave Wakanda with it so we may not have to see it again. Only shields and arms are allowed to leave even knowing there's at least one outside source for vibranium already known to the world.
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