Magic the Gathering: Lorwyn (Base Set)

CCG / Gaming Card by Wizards of the Coast
(289 issues, 292 covers) - JAN 2007 to JAN 2008
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Jan 2007
Jan 2008

Title Bio

The Lorwyn Expansion is the 43rd set in the line of expert level expansions. Focusing heavily on tribal themes, this set introduces the "Planeswalker" type to the Magic mythology.

Some of the cards in this set are reprinted from other sets, and as such, have multiple expansion icons.

The cards breakdown by rarity in this order:
80 rare, 80 uncommon, 121 common and 20 basic lands.

Title Data

Title:Magic the Gathering: Lorwyn (Base Set)
Type:CCG / Gaming Card
Key Pub.:Wizards of the Coast
Caption:Wizards of the Coast 2007 (301 Cards)

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