Civil War Adventure

Graphic Novel / Trade by History Graphics Press
(1 issues, 1 covers) - NOV 2009
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Nov 2009

Title Bio

The War Between The States comes to life in this new series of graphic novels dedicated to dramatic stories of America's greatest struggle. march with the infantry to the battlefields at Manassas. Ride with Custer on a daring daylight cavalry raid. Face grapeshot and cannonballs from the fighting decks of an ironclad. All this and more in exciting stories from top comic book talents.

Chuck Dixon & Gary Kwapisz collaboration and formed History Graphics Press.

Stories by Chuck Dixon, Gary Kwapisz, Eric Burham

Art by Gary Kwapisz, Silvestre, Enrique Villagran

Title Data

Title:Civil War Adventure
Type:Graphic Novel / Trade
Key Pub.:History Graphics Press
Caption:History Graphics Press 2009 - Current

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