Comic Book by Skywald
(2 issues, 2 covers) - AUG 1971 to OCT 1971
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Aug 1971
Oct 1971

Title Bio

This was one of many motorcycle comics that was short lived in the late 60's & early 70's. What makes this title so different from all the others is that instead of using the biker lifestyle as the main focus for the stories, they are done with a superhero named Hell-Rider. The main artist was Rich Buckler whose work first appeared in Flash Gordon #10 in Nov. 1967. This was something that had been done before with success; however this title wasn’t that lucky. Whether it was lack of sales or at a time that the publisher was having other problems who knows? Like others before it Hell-Rider never made it to the 6 month mark, only 2 issues. The first was Aug. 1971 and the second followed 2 months later in Oct. 1971.

Title Data

Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Skywald
Caption:Skywald 1971 (2 Issues)


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