Angel (Series 2)

Action Figure by Diamond Select
(14 issues, 15 covers) - -
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Season 5 Spike
Not Known
Spike Season 5 With Jacket 1/700
Not Known

Title Bio

ATS Season 5 Spike Action Figure
BTVS Beneath You Spike Action Figure
ATS "Just Rewards" Spike Action Figure
BTVS Fool For Love Spike Action Figure
BTVS Grave Spike Action Figure
ATS Season 2 Darla Action Figure
ATS "Reunion" Darla Action Figure
BTVS Welcome To Hellmouth Darla Action Figure
BTVS Welcome to the Hellmouth Vampire Darla Figure
ATS T1 Unpainted Darla
ATS Spike Chosen 2005 Toy Fair Exclusive
ATS Spike T-1 Blood Drive 2005 Figure SDCC
ATS Spike Fool For Love Jacket Bagged Figure
ATS Spike Blood Drive 2006 Figure SDCC

Title Data

Title:Angel (Series 2)
Type:Action Figure
Key Pub.:Diamond Select
Caption:Diamond Select Toys 2005 (14 Figures)


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