Team 7 - Objective: Hell

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(3 issues, 4 covers) - MAY 1995 to JUL 1995
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May 1995
Jul 1995

Title Bio

Part two of the Team 7 trilogy.

The US government wants to make sure that a weapons cache in the land controlled by the Khmer Rouge is destroyed, and Lynch believes that only Team 7 can pull it off. With Deathblow's help, he reunites the team.

But Rostov senses the reappearance of Team 7, and makes his way to Cambodia to find them.

This series features the emergency of Backlash's energy whips, the first resurrection of Deathblow, and the cause of Jackson Dane's memory loss.

Title Data

Title:Team 7 - Objective: Hell
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Image
Caption:Image / WildStorm 1995 (3 Issues)


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