Weird Science (1950)

Comic Book by E.C.
(22 issues, 22 covers) - MAY 1950 to NOV 1953
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May 1950
Nov 1953

Title Bio

E.C. converted their title 'Saddle Romances' to Weird Science as of issue #12 rather than start it as a new title. This was a customary practice to save on bulk mailing contracts with the USPS. As a result, the first four issues of Weird Science are numbered 12 - 15. As of the fifth issue, they resorted to standard numbering. This does result, however, in duplicate numbering for those four issues in the series.

E.C. also rolled out a sister publication, Weird Fantasy in the same time period.

Most of E.C.'s publications were published in a time of a growing conservative movement for censorship in comics. In fact, E.C. served as the poster child in the government's case for the need for censorship. In a move to buffer this coming storm, E.C. and other comic publishers, notably Lev Gleason, Orbit and Atlas, formed a self-governance group, the Association of Comic Magazine Producers, or ACMP, who developed their own Comics Code in 1948. The move was ineffective and could not halt the institution of the Comic Code Authority in 1954.

Title Data

Title:Weird Science (1950)
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:E.C.
Caption:E.C. 1950 - 1953 (22 Issues)


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