Adventures of Chrissie Claus

Comic Book by Heroic Publishing
(5 issues, 6 covers) - MAR 1991 to DEC 2012
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Mar 1991
Dec 2012

Title Bio

*Here comes Santa's little elfin granddaughter, CHRISSIE CLAUS! She's a little bit naughty, but she's mostly very nice. She's in charge of the design division up at Santa's workship. And every Christmas she's the one who sneaks out with Grampie Santa's "bad boys and girls" list to make sure that everyone gets some kind of present! She has all the magical powers you might expect Santa's granddaughter to have. And because her mother is the queen of Faerie, she has some very pecial magical powers all her own! *Source:

Parent company Heroic Publishing has ceased publishing three times in its history. First from early 1989 to late 1990. Second, and most lengthy, from early 1994 to 2003. Third from late 2007 to early 2009.

As such, #1 & 2 of this series were published in 1991 and 1994, while #3 - 5 were published since 2009.

Issues published since 2009 are published print-on-demand as Heroic Publishing no longer meets Diamond's minimum threshold for distribution.

Title Data

Title:Adventures of Chrissie Claus
Type:Comic Book
Key Pub.:Heroic Publishing
Caption:Heroic Publishing / Hero Graphics 1991 - 2012 (5 Issues)

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